When is annual PAT testing the most appropriate?

  • When you don’t have internal health and safety support
  • When you need equipment to be checked regularly
  • When your insurance company requires it

In many places the need for regular PAT testing is important, in most cases doing it every year is considered good or best practice.

If you were to do a risk assessment you may find that equipment is of a higher or lower risk than you expected and so may need testing more or less often than once a year, but if you don’t do risk assessments then it seems to be acceptable that getting a Pat test every year is the done thing.

Annual PAT testing is deemed most appropriate for the following businesses:

  • Hair and beauty salons
  • Tanning shops
  • Medical surgeries
  • Clubs and societies
  • Small industrial units
  • Hotel bedrooms

If we were to recommend best practice it would be to do a risk assessment, but if you want to be able to say your appliances are safe with minimal fuss then annual PAT testing is for you.