Sometimes I think of things that may be of use to other people, so I put them here. 

They may or may not be of use to you, but hopefully someone or some day you, will find them handy. 

These are not big long articles and are not intended to be training or formal advice, but may be they just may help you improve the safety of your business. 

If there is anything you need help with, just get in touch 

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Your guide to getting your electrical appliances checked

  All electrical appliances, over time, will deteriorate…
Out of hours pat testing

Your Questions Answered

We get these questions asked a lot; perhaps you have other questions…
Out of hours pat testing

Equipment brought onto site that belongs to someone else

Consider this: You take action to ensure your equipment is maintaining…
Out of hours pat testing

Do we need to PAT test new equipment?

  If you are confident that the new equipment you have…
Out of hours pat testing

What happens if an appliance fails the tests

If we failed an appliance we will have advised you what to do;…
Out of hours pat testing

Our renewal process

When our clients' renewal dates are approaching we make an initial…
Out of hours pat testing


Dear Customer/Supplier, The General Data Protection Regulation…
Out of hours pat testing

We don't have a mailing list

Rather than having a mailing list and having to ensure it complies…
Out of hours pat testing

Counterfeit Plug Fuse Exploding

This video from You Tube, linked from the BS1363 website…
Out of hours pat testing

Scheduled Maintenance Plan

How would you feel about us taking away the extra work of maintaining…