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Changing from Annual PAT tests to Risk Based Testing Periods

Annual PAT Testing

For ease, and peace of mind, we recommend inspecting and testing portable electrical appliances on an annual basis; this method is preferred by the majority of businesses all over the UK as it’s not only the easiest process but it means new equipment, or equipment that wasn’t there last year, always gets picked up and checked; it also means the PAT company keeps on top of any defective equipment. Additionally it saves the client from having the ‘hassle’ of maintaining their equipment or doing their own visual inspections. 

This is because if you implement a risk based approach then you are going to have to do some of the work too; by increasing the gaps in time between PAT tests, you are enforcing your own business to maintain regular visual inspections and user checks. 

Risk based approach to PAT Testing

If you’d rather have a risk based approach put in place we can easily set this up for you, and manage it on your behalf (unless you’d rather do it*). Remember though that you will have to do some work too. 

Note: if your main reason for putting risk based testing in place is to save money you are likely to be disappointed, as although it will save money on the PAT costings, it may cause you more costs to your business in the long term, as people will need to do more themselves. 

Additionally the equipment you supply that is medium to high risk may have to be tested more often than it is now. 

A risk based approach takes into account the risks; where the risks are low intervals between tests can be increased, but where the risks are higher, the intervals will be reduced. 

The term “test” refers to an inspection and or test carried out to assess the safety standard of the appliance. 

The process

Initially we will test all appliances on site to create a record of everything; ideally it should all be done again in 12 months before putting a plan in place so we have a comparison to work from. Based on the information available we’ll prepare a plan from HSE guidance for interval periods and our recommendations, and create a schedule for the next 5 years. 

The schedule we provide you with will include dates when we will return and the costs that will be involved so you can budget and plan for the work, reducing disruption to your business. 

There are set up costs, dependent on the size of the job, starting at £45.00, up to a maximum £135.00; to cover administration costs. 

If this is something you require please talk to us about it. 

*If you want to control the process, do your own risk assessments etc. that is fine, but you will need to notify us to so we can ensure our records tally.