Equipment brought onto site that belongs to someone else

Consider this: You take action to ensure your equipment is maintaining safety standards by getting regular PAT testing carried out; your insurance company is happy. Someone uses your premises (e.g. a DJ in a hotel) and their equipment has not been maintained; a fire starts and your premises are destroyed… are you insured?

If you allow anyone to bring their own electrical equipment onto your premises to be used, make sure it is safe – insist on seeing their up to date PAT records. If they can’t supply it, then get them to get their equipment tested before they bring it onto the premises. Want to be sure the job is done well – give them our contact details.

This applies to your staff bringing their own equipment to work, and contractors bringing tools and cleaning equipment for example.

Personal equipment: If you allow staff to bring personal equipment to work it should also be PAT tested – imagine if that appliance started a fire, and you have no evidence it had maintained safety standards. 

Contractors: The same applies to contractors – their equipment should  be tested before being used on their site; so make sure they have and supply you with in-date PAT certificates.