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Fixed Wire Testing (EICR)

For your confidence and safety all periodic inspections of the fixed wiring is carried out by professional electricians who are registered with the appropriate governing bodies. Fixed wire testing is carried out in accordance with the Institute of Electrical Engineers 17th Edition, Wiring Regulations.

Periodic Inspections are required on the wiring of any building to make sure they are in good order and safe; to carry out such an inspection the engineer will need access to all areas of your facility, including the ‘consumer unit’ or ‘fuse board’.

The power will need turning off for a short period although sensitive areas can be isolated so they are not effected.

In order to provide a price estimate we will need some information from you; so please tell us as much information about your facility as possible –

  • if it is domestic property how many rooms does it have, and how many bedrooms; is it a house or flat?
  • if it is a commercial property what size is it, is it office based or warehouse for example.


We will need to know how many circuits there are to provide an estimate – have a look at the fuse board and tell us how many switches there are; that will help. If you can email a photograph of it that would be excellent. We may need to visit the site if it is particularly large or unusual.

We may offer further discounts if you appoint us to do the fixed wiring and the PAT testing

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