We are a small independent business with a small team; we’re not a national company where you never know who you are dealing with: “I am Richard, owner of the business and the leading PAT engineer – I complete most jobs myself and it’s always me you deal with on the phone and email, so you always have me as a direct point of contact”.

Initially we’ll get as much information from you as we need before providing a price; we could assume all your equipment is standard but that is when problems can occur later, so we’ll check if you use industrial equipment, or if we need to bring PPE for example before we price for a job – we need to know these things as industrial equipment takes longer to test and PPE means we are likely to get dirty so can’t be going into a clean office for our next job.

“If you want me to visit your site first to have a look around and discuss all the options I am happy to do so.”

Once we have all the information we need we’ll propose a price to complete the job and provide some information on what we will do.

If you want to talk to me complete the PAT quote form, email me or call me on 0191 500 6562 (diverts to mobile). 

If you agree to the proposal we’ll book an appointment to do the work. We gather as much information as possible upfront so there are no surprises when we get to the job, because surprises for us mean surprises for you when the invoice arrives which we don’t want.

For example; If we have to provide materials like replacement plugs we prefer not to charge, but if we have to replace more than 5 at any one site we will charge for them (it’s only ever happened once).

Also we charge a higher rate for industrial equipment than we do for normal as there is more involved in the work; just the same as we’ll charge different rates to test small numbers against large numbers; but we don’t do massive discounts like some do, for large numbers as the time and costs for us are still the same.

We believe our prices are fair; they are appropriate to our standards – we don’t cut corners like some of the bigger firms (and some small ones too) ensuring that when we leave you are assured that your equipment is safe.

If you need further information from us we can provide Health and Safety documents including “RAMS”.

“When on site I’ll discuss with you your intentions for what you need from us including how closely we work together, ongoing, to make sure you maintain high standards in appliance safety, looking at managing the intervals between inspections and tests on different appliances for you or whether you just want to keep it simple with ‘blanket’ annual testing. “

When the job is complete we’ll provide you with a report of any faulty appliances, any repairs we have carried out (that you need to know about) and any recommendations for further action to improve safety.

The PAT Report with full itemised list of appliances tested will be sent to you as a PDF attached to an email after the invoice has been paid.

What happens next is dependent on the arrangements we have in place, but as a general rule we will contact you with plenty of notice when re-tests are due to be carried out, proposing a date and time to do the work, then it’s just a case of confirming that is convenient for you, or changing the date.