I believe in keeping it simple; as a small business the more time I spend on site with my clients the better; too much paperwork is not only bad for business it affects my on-site customer time too. 

So keeping it simple; 

  • We discuss your requirements
  • We agree to a price
  • We do the job and supply the appropriate documentation
  • You pay the invoice
  • We give you some ongoing advice
  • We return next time your equipment needs testing
  • The process starts again

Portable Appliance Testing is something that needs doing; it’ll then need doing again to continue maintaining equipment to a safe standard – how we do that, and what we do we’ll discuss with you on site if needed, or we’ll just do it for you every year, as best practice recommends.


If you don’t know what you need, want or require but know you need your appliances checking arrange for me to come to you site to discuss your needs and do a survey, from that we’ll progress to a solution. 

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