PAT testing computers | office pat testing

Office PAT testing

PAT Testing offices is an easy process providing you know what you’re doing and are using appropriate equipment.

We specialise in office PAT Testing. 

Offices consist mainly of IT equipment which can be tested fairly quickly, sometimes only an inspection is required, meaning disruption to you should be kept to a minimum. We’ll work with you to ensure your team are disrupted as little as possible whilst your equipment maintains a safe standard.

Find out more about PAT testing computers here.

We specialise Portable Appliance Testing:

  • Electrical Inspections: All appliances undergo thorough visual inspections
  • Risk-based testing: PAT tests appropriate to the appliance & risk factors
  • Risk-based programmes: Intervals between inspections/tests determined by risk analysis
  • Annual PAT testing: best practice if you want an easy solution
  • Same day certificates*: available if required
  • Improve safety standards: further action recommendations provided

Office pat testing shouldn't need to be every year

Top Tip for office computer safety:

Turn off computers at the end of the day; not only does this help the environment and reduce electricity usage but it gives the fan a rest reducing the chances of the computer overheating.