DRA PAT testing engineers will always be dressed appropriately with uniformed polo-shirts with their company logo on, and will carry identification.

The engineer will carry appropriate tools and PPE for the task in hand.

The job will be completed using an appropriate downloadable type PAT testing machine, and results will be compiled and sent to the customer as soon as possible after the job is completed.

The invoice will be sent to the customer at the same time as the certificate and should be paid promptly.

We do not turn off server computers, or computers that are locked and un-manned to prevent being responsible for losses. We will carry out the best visual inspection we can.

Appliances on selv adaptors will be tested if class I otherwise be visually inspected, labelled and recorded in the asset register.

Appliances with no exposed metal parts cannot be tested so will undergo a visual inspection only.

The usual standard of tests will be carried out:

Class I: Earth and insulation tests on appliances, with the addition of polarity checks on leads

Class II appliances with exposed metal will have an insulation test

All appliances will have a visual inspection; faulty plugs will be repaired or replaced as will fuses. The flexible cable may be cut back to a safe location and screws on the appliance will be tightened. We do not carry out any further repairs. Plugs supplied will be charged for.

Appliances that can’t be repaired will fail the test and further action may be recommended.

We do not carry out emissions testing on Microwave ovens

All appliances are labelled with our labels, each assigned an identification number unique in our system.