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We are available to inspect and test electrical equipment to be used on building sites; if you need to get a PAT Testing quote for your tools click here, but if you need us to come onto a building site to do the work please read on…

Sites are dirty dangerous environments and not the place we usually frequent but we have done enough work in such places to know what we are doing and know what to expect…

As sites and site equipment will get our clothes dirty we don’t book in morning work; only afternoons so we’re not going anywhere afterwards, unless you book us for the day.

We have safety boots, hi-vis and hard hats, plus CSCS visitors cards, however we are not insured to operate in the ‘hard hat’ site areas so all equipment will need to be at the visitors areas, in the site office, canteen or stores.

As standard we do not replace damaged 110v adaptors but we can do so with your authority; we do carry and can supply and fit them, at £10.00 each – if you want us to automatically supply and replace adaptors let us know.

We charge £45.00 per hour on site, from the time we arrive, taking into account site inductions, until the time we leave, rounded up to the next hour. The first hour is £75.00. So if we are on site 3 hours the price is:

First hour £75.00

Next 2 hours £90.00

Total £165.00

But we do not charge anything else; we don’t charge per item on top or for repair work.


Construction Sites

‘Building sites’ by their very nature are dangerous places, unless they’re well managed – there are plenty of risks associated with working in these environments, and we don’t want defective portable appliances to be one of them.

DRA PAT Testing 110 volt equipment

PAT testing 110v equipment

The construction industry uses 110v equipment instead of 230v, on site, for health and safety reasons. Equipment with 110v construction is ‘dual phased’ provided by a 230 to 110v centre tapped transformer, making the 110v 2 x 55v supplies, thus even lower voltage.

This means that consequently the voltage is a lot safer to use, and unlikely to kill you in the event of an accident.

However, even with this extra level of safety in mind, you should not take any risks, and make sure electrical equipment is checked regularly, preferably every 3 months.

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Let us check your 110v tools to make sure they are safe

  • The main reason we use 110v equipment is for health and safety
  • 110v equipment is dual-phased, provided by a 230 to 110 volt centre tapped transformer
  • The 110 volts supply is 2 x 55 volt supplies

This lower voltage is a lot safer to use and unlikely to prove fatal should there be a problem.

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