Annual PAT Testing may be a year too often for you

Getting PAT testing done every year is considered best practice for many but it could be that a test every 2 years is more appropriate to your needs, especially if you are operating in a low risk environment such as an office based business or a shop.

The recommendations say that you should get all appliances visually inspected every 2 years and tested every 4, but to do a visual inspection we would still need to unplug all appliances just as we would to run a test. So with that in mind we recommend testing everything in full every 2 years – it means the same to you, the same price and the same (minimal) disruption but you have the assurance your equipment is safe and you’ll save money against annual pat testing:

PAT testing every 2 years:

  • Saves you money against annual testing
  • Assures equipment is safe

If your business is any of the following then you could benefit from changing from annual to testing every 2 years:

  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Recruitment
  • Anything where you are office-based
  • Shops
  • Offices in schools
  • Offices in hotels
  • Any other offices in other sectors

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