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PAT Testing for Landlords in Gosforth

We provide PAT Testing services for landlords in and around Gosforth:

  • We inspect and test all appliances you provide
  • We check white goods against product recall notices
  • We carry out repairs where possible or recommend further action if needed
  • We provide you with an itemised report of each appliance tested
  • We discreetly label appliances

Getting electrical appliances PAT tested that you provide in a property to be used by a tenant shows that you take their safety seriously. It also helps to protect you in the event of an incident occurring. Furthermore it could reduce your insurance premiums.

  • Checking appliances against product recalls can prevent fires
  • Repairing or finding faulty appliances is a great way to prevent accidents.

You are required to ensure all appliances you provide for use by the tenant in your property are safe to be used – Landlords PAT testing is the best way to do that.

In addition if you’re applying for an HMO license you’ll need PAT Testing Certificates, which we provide as standard.

If you want to talk to me about how we can work together or how we can manage your appliance safety please contact us for a PAT Testing quote or call me on 0191 5006562. For information we can also arrange your fixed wiring inspections too.