PAT Testing Network Accreditation

PAT Testing Network AccreditationI wanted to take a moment to explain to you about my other business interest; the PAT Testing Network, and explain to you why I am involved in this venture.

A few years ago, during many discussions with my peers we realised that there was no real association in place for our industry; some had tried and not had success, and there were electrical associations that had portable appliance testing departments but there was nothing in place exclusively for PAT.

There was nothing in place to associate people who work in PAT, there was no form of networking or regular get togethers and there was nothing explaining to the consumer what PAT is really all about.

So we hit on the idea of setting up such an association. There are 3 directors of the limited company; myself, Tim James and Ed Gorman – we’re all equal in the company with different roles.

We were to do it part time, when we had free time in our own working lives (which is rare), so it would take a lot of commitment but we were sure it was what was needed. Here we are in late 2015, 3 years on from those conversations and we’re finally starting to make any impact.


The aim of the PTN is to improve the reputation of the industry through education, sharing good practice, networking and support.

PTN Support for Customers

The PTN believes that the best way to improve the industry is to educate the customer in what they should be getting as a service, so the PTN runs the “That’s NOT PAT Testing” campaign to educate the public when their electrical inspections are not being carried out correctly.

Support for customers

PTN Support for PAT Testers

The PTN provides support for all members whether they’re a large national company, a contractor or an employee doing the role part time.

The PAT Testing Network is a professional association for PAT Testing practitioners; members are working together to raise standards and to raise the reputation of the industry.

Support for PAT testers

Working together to improve standards in PAT Testing

Check out the introduction to the “That’s Not PAT testing” campaign video below