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PAT Testing for Primary Schools

Here at DRA Electricals we work with a variety of schools throughout the North East, and each one of them wants their appliance testing to be done different, or on a different frequency – they confuse themselves before us!

Everyone knows that their are loopholes to reduce how often portable appliances should be tested and schools, with their strict budgets understandably want to find one that suits them.

But you don’t need to hunt around for a way to save money, the best way, and the safest for your equipment users is to talk to us about your needs.

With our experience of many years in the industry we can best advise you of what and where needs more frequent tests and where we can increase the intervals between tests – we can save you money; and we won’t be using loopholes but our experience assisted by already in place guidance from the HSE.

In the interests of safety for pupils and staff, it is vital that equipment is maintained to a safe standard so PAT should be a priority but you can save money and we will show you how.

We will work with you to find a convenient time to do the appliance testing, whether that be in the holidays, a weekend or during the school day – we have been DBS checked if that helps.

If you want to find out more about how we can keep your appliances safe in your school, contact us for a quote or to arrange a meeting.