PAT testing schools

Providing PAT Testing solutions to schools

Whatever your PAT testing needs are, we’ll work with you to help you achieve them… whether that is us managing the entire process for you long term, us following your policies or carrying out best practice annual checks – whatever it takes to ensure your electrical equipment maintains a safe standard; we will do. 

Appliance testing in secondary schools, and those of similar size will take days not hours, perhaps even weeks – we expect to get around 3000 items tested in a week dependent on our team size and access but testing in primary age schools is much quicker, usually not taking more than a day.

We will start early in the morning to try to get the classrooms done before the pupils start school

  • We have valid DBS available

We work with a number of schools helping them to achieve electrical appliance safety.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Our promises to you:

  1. We will not do unnecessary microwave emissions tests, and charge you for them like others do
  2. We will not do unnecessary tests
  3. We will not charge you if we find damaged sockets, like others do
  4. We will not charge you when we do repairs
  5. We will not charge you when we supply plugs and fuses
  6. We will not charge extra for weekend work
  7. We will do risk based appliance testing
  8. We will test appliances when the plug can’t be accessed; unlike others who skip them but charge you anyway
  9. We will issue Certificates promptly after the job; before you pay
  10. We will provide honest and sensible advice about retests
  11. We will provide recommendations to improve appliance safety
  12. We will leave you with safe equipment