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Getting PAT testing done gives you the peace of mind that your equipment is safe to use, allowing you to get on with your day with one less thing to think about. 

Getting PAT Testing done by us gives you the reassurance that someone else is managing your appliances ongoing safety; helping you to keep a safer working environment. 

We are a small independent business based in Newcastle upon Tyne, that covers the whole of the North East of England, providing a reputable service with high standards and a proven track record. We’ve been trading since 2009 and continue to be recommended by our clients. 

Why work with DRA PAT Testing?

  • We’re a small business that cares about high standards
  • We care about you and your business
  • We work with you to ensure appliance safety is maintained long term
  • We don’t rush the job trying to get as many tests done as possible
  • We’re thorough in the work we do – we’re experts at what we do
  • We give honest, sensible advice
  • We operate 24/7 (by appointment) to reduce disruption for our clients
  • We book appointments for re-tests in advance, and provide timely reminders – so you don’t need to remember
  • PAT Testing Reports include recommendations for improving safety
  • We provide images of failed appliances, and recommendations of what to do
  • We replace damaged plugs and fuses
  • We repair damaged cable
  • We operate risk-based testing procedures so unnecessary tests are not carried out

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PAT Testing Information

Portable Appliance Testing (also known as PAT testing) is a process for checking electrical equipment is safe. 

It is a method of preventative maintenance against dangers occurring that could lead to accidents including electric shock and fires. 

It is a legal requirement in the UK to maintain safe standards in electrical installations (the fixed wiring and the appliances connected to it); this is usually done by:

EICR – an Electrical Installation Condition Report; which is an inspection by a trained electrician on the mains wiring via the consumer units and associated switches/socket outlets, and permanently fixed appliances, as well as… 

PAT – a Portable Appliance Test; which is an inspection by a competent person on the appliances that can be unplugged from the main power supply

The benefit of using a PAT testing company to carry out the PAT is that they will provide you with a PAT report, which is a log of all the appliances tested, what tests were done and what the results were. 

All businesses (and other places of work) that provide electrical equipment for use have a duty to maintain safe appliances and be able to prove that is/was the case for an investigation. 

There are various options for the most appropriate period of time between PAT tests, but as many insurance companies stipulate annual PAT testing it is widely regarded that this time period is the most appropriate. 

We inspect and or test each appliance and each detachable, powered part of the appliance such as the power lead and power adaptors as well as the appliance so not only do you have peace of mind that each part is safe but you have a full register of all the appliances you supply.

In addition we carry out PAT Testing on 110 volt and three-phase appliances using specialised adaptors.

All appliances need regular inspections, whether they are portable or fixed; the fixed appliances should be tested by your electrician when they do the EICR but we will also carry out a visual inspection when we do the PATs on the portable appliances, thus flagging up any visual issues.

In addition, if we spot any damaged sockets we will report these to you.

We don’t have hidden charges; the price is agreed before the appointment is booked

We are founding members of the PAT Testing Network and the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association. 


What happens in a PAT Test?

A risk assessment – before anything happens we do a visual assessment of the appliance and the environment, removing any dangers beforehand, reducing risk of accident

A visual inspection – with the appliance unplugged we look for any signs of damage, or wear and tear that needs repair or may cause the appliance to become faulty. This is arguably the most important part of the test process as is when most issues are located

Tests are carried out – using a PAT tester; tests are carried out to find internal faults including earth continuity, insulation resistance and lead polarity, dependent on the appliance

A function test – when all tests have been completed, and passed, a functional check is carried out, to make sure the appliance powers on as it should do

Assuming the appliances passes all these tests it will be recorded as a “pass”. 

Appliances that do not pass all the tests will either be repaired and retested, or failed with further action recommended, or failed to be disposed of. 


Portable Appliance testing is vital to protect your business and its employees. Electrical safety obligations are not limited to businesses premises though; landlords are also responsible for ensuring the safety of all appliances they provide for their tenants.


What appliances need PAT testing?

  • Stationery equipment, such as washing machines and fridge freezers
  • Movable equipment such as microwave ovens and photocopiers
  • Portable equipment such as kettles and toasters
  • IT equipment such as computers and printers
  • Hand-held equipment such as power tools and vacuum cleaners


What about appliances that don’t have a plug?

If the plug is not accessible, such as with integrated kitchen appliances, or has been replaced by a fuse spur, a full test cannot be carried out. In these cases, we will do the most of what we can in the circumstances and report based on that. The appliance should be tested by a person trained in safe isolation procedures, such as the electrician who does the electrical installation condition report


How much does a PAT test cost?

The price we quote is dependent on the job in hand; our pricing is bespoke to the needs of your business and ours. Contact us to get a PAT Testing quote


Why do we need to get PAT Testing done? 

The Health and Safety at Work Act places an obligation in the following circumstances:

  • When appliances are used by employees
  • When the public may use appliances
  • When appliances are hired or supplied
  • When appliances are repaired or serviced

If you or your business utilises electrical equipment in any of these ways, then you are obligated to get appliances tested to comply with health and safety 

PAT Testing is a way of maintaining electrical appliances and it:

  • Reduces the risk of fires
  • Reduces the risk of electric shock
  • Finds dangerous and defective equipment
  • Provides records of maintanence
  • Confirms safety
  • Helps you comply with legal regulations

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