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DRA PAT testing engineers verify as far as is reasonably practical that your portable electrical appliances are in a safe condition to satisfy appropriate health and safety regulations including The Electricity at Work Regulations.

We carry out remedial maintenance as required including repairs to the existing flexible cable and plug, and supply and fit of new plugs (BESEN1363) and fuses, included in the quoted price.

We provide all clients with a PAT Testing Certificate and Report, itemising all assets.

We recommend, for best practice that portable appliance testing is carried out on an annual basis, however the appropriate pat testing frequency will be carried out for class I and class II appliances based on HSE guidance.

Legal requirements

It is a legal requirement in the UK to maintain safe standards in electrical installations (the fixed wiring and the appliances connected to it); this is usually done by:

EICR – an Electrical Installation Condition Report; which is an inspection by a trained electrician on the mains wiring via the consumer units and associated switches/socket outlets, and permanently fixed appliances, as well as…

PAT – a Portable Appliance Test; which is an inspection by a competent person on the appliances that can be unplugged from the main power supply

The process for portable appliance testing includes:

A thorough visual inspection of the plug, flexible cable and the appliance including checking the plug inside and out, carryout any repairs or replacing parts as necessary; checking the flexible cable and completing necessary repairs and checking the appliance is secure and not missing any known parts.

Following the visual inspection, where appropriate (not all appliances apply), portable appliance tests are carried out using a PAT machine to check the internal safety features of the appliance are intact (can’t be checked during the visual inspection)

Additional tests, as appropriate will be carried out such as for the internal wiring of sockets and emissions from microwave ovens.

We carry out visual inspections inline with the guidance from the IET Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing.

  • Minimal disruption – Appliances need to be unplugged to be inspected and tested; this can cause some disruption. We work with you to ensure this is kept to a minimum. We also offer evening and weekend appointments which may help you.
  • Each item checked – we inspect every powered part of an appliance, and record it separately ensuring if parts are used elsewhere they’re still compliant; also if one part fails they all don’t.
  • Remedial Repairs at no extra cost – remedial action that can be taken during the inspection process will be carried out, including repairs to or replacement of the fuse, plug and cable
  • Fully comprehensive report provided – every item tested (and passed) will be labelled with a unique asset number which relates to the asset list in the report provided. In addition to the itemised report every client is provided with a PAT Testing Certificate, valid until the next tests are due.
  • Failed items reports – appliances can fail; an appliance that can’t be repaired by us will fail the overall inspection. We will provide recommendations for further action.
  • Timely reminder for re-tests – we allocate priority appointments to our diaries for your next tests, and remind you of the proposed date nearer the time.
  • Non-standard testing – we are able to test non-standard items, such as yellow 110v adaptors, blue 230v adaptors and red 415v adaptors
  • Microwave emissions testing – we will test microwave ovens to ensure excessive emissions are not present

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PAT Testing is a way of maintaining electrical appliances and it:

  • Reduces the risk of fires
  • Reduces the risk of electric shock
  • Finds dangerous and defective equipment
  • Provides records of maintanence
  • Confirms safety
  • Helps you comply with legal regulations

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