When you book us to do your portable appliance testing you will probably want to know how to prepare for our visit. After all, what we do, does affect your work.

Whilst we do our best to minimise disruption we cannot prevent it completely as appliances do have to be unplugged to be tested.

  1. When we arrive on site we would appreciate a tour of the facility to ‘get our bearings’ and any inductions we require
  2. Appliances have to be unplugged to be tested – if any appliances cannot be unplugged; please tell us as soon as possible
  3. As appliances need unplugging staff using computers should make sure work is saved, and log off. If using ‘banks’ of desks the full bank may have to log off at the same time – the perfect opportunity for a team meeting.
  4. We would appreciate if the staff member(s) can leave their work area whilst we do ours
  5. We will repair the existing plug, fuse and flexible cable in the quoted price
  6. We will replace BS1363 (standard) plugs and fuses without additional charges
  7. Non-standard plug adaptors such as 110v yellow, 230v blue and 415v red will incur additional charges if supplied; we do not carry a supply of replacement adaptors so will provide quotes for the work to be done.
  8. Microwave ovens will be tested for emissions in all environments and for temperature and power in commercial (catering) establishments, at an additional £2.50 per test.
  9. Appliances kept in drawers and cupboard will need to be taken out ready for us; if they are missed you will be responsible for costs incurred for us to return to the site on another date.
  10. Whilst we generally check an appliance functions, it is your responsibility to ensure appliances work correctly, before we leave. We do not accept any responsibility for any appliances that do not turn on; as we only use test equipment designed not to damage your appliances.
  11. All appliances that pass are labelled with a new unique Asset number which relates to the report
  12. Any appliances that fail are labelled with a red – do not use label. We’ll advise you of the next course of action for that appliance 
  13. Our terms and conditions are here.