Preparing for our visit

This information relates to bookings made for carrying out Portable Appliance Testing. 

In order to carry out the inspections and tests we must unplug the appliance from the socket so it will need switching off. Additionally, we will need access the appliance so the user may have to vacate the work area for a short period of time. 

Where banks of desks are used, with multiple block extension leads it may be easier for all of us if all the people at the bank are switched off, so as not to risk pulling out the wrong plug. 

In order to reduce disruption as much as possible we can work outside of your own working hours or start early before staff. 

If an appliance cannot be turned off, such as a server, that’s fine (although it’s best to get it tested at some point), as we can carry out visual tests on live equipment. 

If we’re visiting outside working hours, make sure computers are shutdown please – if they’re on and logged in we will not unplug them, but conduct only a visual inspection – this is so we are not held accountable for lost data. 

If you have appliances at heights that require ladder or scaffolding access you will need to arrange for them to be brought to ground level for testing to take place, as we do not have insurance for working at height. 

If there is a need for any form of PPE we need to be advised in advance as our work does not require usual use of the likes of safety boots, hard hats and overalls. 

Site inductions – if we have to attend an induction please notify us in advance so it can be accounted in the costs of the job – if we’re not testing we’re not making any money, so unexpected delays may need to be charged for at our standard hourly rate. 

Repairs that are needed for an appliance to pass will be carried out if in scope of what we can do, this includes cutting back the flexible cable and reattaching the original plug, replacing a damaged or faulty plug and replacing incorrect fuses. 

We will supply IEC power leads if required (will check on site), plugs (when existing is damaged or missing) and fuses (when existing is faulty or missing) for a small charge. We do not charge for the repair work

When the work is complete we will download the results (at our office) and send them to you by email, within 5 days. You will receive a PAT Testing Certificate, appliance register and failure information as one document. 

We will issue your invoice as soon as possible, which must be paid within the allotted time; for work carried out at domestic addresses the payment is required immediately, for new commercial clients this term is 7 days and for existing clients is 30 days.