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Back in 2012 a report called the Lofsted Report found that literally millions of appliances were being tested too often; and then everyone jumped on the bandwagon claiming PAT testing was done too often, and it should be done less. This was actually very wrong. 

PAT testing should be done as often as the appliance being tested requires it, based on the risks associated with the use of the appliance – that actually has nothing to do with the report findings. 

In fact what the report found was that some companies were testing appliances that didn’t need tests at all; they just needed a visual inspection, which could be done by a competent person from amongst your workforce, or by a contractor like ourselves if you don’t have that luxury. 

In reality it means very little difference to before – the appliance still needs unplugging, and it still needs checking for all the usual issues – whether the internal parts get tested or not really means very little in the grand scheme of things. 

Risk based testing takes everything into account; the type of appliance, its use, the user, the environment etc and makes a conclusion as to how often the appropriate inspection and or test should be carried out to ensure safety standards are maintained. 

This is a service we do offer, however we do not offer it automatically as there is a lot more work involved in doing it than standard PAT, and as most people just want the cheapest price when they ask for a quote, to remain competitive we have to provide a service similar to everyone else. That is not to say we are the same; we like to think our standards are high, if not higher, so we can ensure that your appliances do maintain safe standards, but that generally means we’ll return on an annual basis to inspect and or test all your appliances. 

If you want to benefit from risk based testing, so only what is needed is done, and when, on a per appliance basis not across the board then get in touch; tell us what you are looking for, and we’d be happy to advise what we can offer. We’ll happily attend your site for a meeting to discuss what we can do for you. 

Please note; if you’re looking for the cheapest price risk based testing isn’t for you, but if you want to guarentee (as much as possible) that appliances will maintain safe standards and be managed by us long term, which may or may not save you some money, then we can most definitely help you. 

The cost of risk based testing is higher than standard testing, but you may find dependent on your workplaces that as some equipment may not need doing next year, or for a few years even, you could save a lot of money. 

PAT Test less often is a no brainer! 

Or is it! PAT companies will try to get your testing done every year for good reason – it’s good practice. Annual PAT tests keep us on top of maintaining safe appliances, but in some environments those safety standards may be maintained just as well by extending the term by 12 months. 

If you want to save money on your PAT testing by getting it done less often, whilst remaining compliant contact us for a PAT testing quotation

We do PAT tests to the best frequency available to ensure appliances maintain safety standards; be it 3 months or 5 years; not everyone can benefit from 2-yearly tests but be sure we’ll do our best to help you, to ensure you maintain safe equipment, however often it is required. 

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In order to determine the best course of action for maintaining safe appliances in your work place its best to get an independent risk assessment carried out by someone with knowledge of electrical safety.