Terms and Conditions for using our service

Estimate, quoted prices & other costs

  1. Based on the job to do, we will provide you with an estimated cost – this price includes our standard costs such as travel expenses, insurance, equipment, labels, administration, labour etc. The price quoted will be the minimum value of our invoice – if the total number of items recorded is less than the quoted amount, the invoice issued will be of the same value of the estimate but if there are more items recorded the invoice will be for the estimated rate plus the additional items at the rate quoted on the estimate. Day rates are available on request.
  2. The estimated rate is based on the work being completed between the hours of 6am and 6pm 7 days per week.
  3. The initial fee quoted is a one-off for this job; if the job is completed and we leave site, but must return on your instruction (due to your error), the initial fee will be incurred again.
  4. The estimate assumes (unless we have been informed otherwise) that the appliances to be inspected and or tested are of standard UK 230volt type (the same plugs you use at home), standard 110 volt appliances with yellow adaptors and 230 volt appliances with blue adaptors. 415 volt appliances with red adaptors are £2.50 per item.
  5. We do not carry out emissions tests on normal use microwave ovens, but on commercial use microwave ovens as standard at a rate of £5.00 each. (*Commercial use is those that are used to heat food to be sold – ovens in restaurants, hotels, pubs, etc).
  6. We will carry out basic repairs such as cutting back the flexible cable to a safe place and refitting the plug free of charge, replacing the plug like for like and the fuse (3 and 13amp). Any other repairs that require materials to be purchased will be quoted for whilst on site before the work is carried out including replacing flexible cable, replacing 110 volt plugs etc.
  7. Any fixed or built-in appliances that require Point to Point testing will be charged for at the equivalent rate.
  8. We will inspect and test appliances appropriately based on what they are, where they are and their use
  9. Standing charges may be incurred if you (or your business) prevents us from carrying out our work for more than 30 minutes, this includes due to site inductions we were not made aware of in advance and access restrictions, plus travelling between different site addresses that we were not made aware of in advance. The fee for this is £25.00 per hour per engineer on site.
  10. The estimated rate is based on (unless stated otherwise) the work being carried out once, or to be repeated annually, including issuing a certificate valid for 12 months.
  11. If you find the estimate acceptable, we will book an appointment with you at a mutually agreeable date and time.

Payment Terms & Invoicing

  1. We carry out the work based on your promise that you will pay us on completion of the work; when the invoice is issued, you are expected to pay the invoice as soon as possible although we allow 30 days credit.
  2. Invoices unpaid after 30 days will be recorded as late, if 60 days pass the invoice will be re-issued including a £40.00 admin fee, with the full balance payable within 7 days. If a further 30 days’ pass, an additional £40.00 admin fee will be applied and debt recovery measures instigated.
  3. Invoices can be paid by cash, cheque, bank transfer or card payment via PayPal.


  1. The PAT testing Report will be issued as a PDF document attached to email as soon as it is ready after the job is complete (allow 30 days in busy periods).
  2. We reserve the right to withhold reports until payment is received.
  3. Reports remain our property until the invoice is paid.
  4. The estimated rate includes one report, unless stated otherwise.
  5. Paper copies can be issued, at an additional £10.00 per copy.

Ongoing Inspection and Testing Management

  1. A reminder of the certificate expiry date will be sent by email 1-2 months in advance, including a suggested date to carry out the work.
  2. Where multiple intervals are in place, we will manage the process on your behalf.
  3. Appropriate inspections of appliances, plus tests will be carried out in line with guidance from the IET Code of Practice and the Health and Safety Executive.