lady confused by circuit counting for fixed wiring tests

What is “PAT” Testing and what does it stand for?

PAT testing plugPAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing – which is the term used to describe the inspection and testing of electrical appliances to ensure they’re safe to be used.


portable appliance testing visual inspectionMost defects of the appliance can be found by a visual inspection from a competent person however internal defects can only be found by testing with a PAT test meter.


eye for visual inspectionIt is essential you understand that the visual inspection is an essential part of the PAT process because some faults cannot be found by testing alone.


lady confused by circuit counting for fixed wiring testsA simple user check by the person using an appliance can be a very useful part of the appliance’s maintenance regime – it’s worth putting user checks in place in your company.


Richard Ayre DRA PAT TestingAdditionally, a formal visual inspection and perhaps further PAT testing by a competent person may be required at appropriate intervals, dependent on the type of equipment and the environment it is being used in.