Every new and existing client of DRA PAT Testing Limited gets the same great service at the same high standard, no matter what size the job is or where it is at. 

We do jobs for one item up to 10,000, including multi-site national companies – the size of the job doesn’t matter – the service always has to be good. 

“I believe everyone should have a good experience when getting equipment PAT tested which is why I ensure our standards are always high and that you get the right, most sensible advice that you need to ensure your portable appliances maintain safe standards” – Richard Ayre, business owner and lead engineer. 

As well as being the owner and lead engineer here at DRA PAT Testing, Richard is also Operations Director for the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association; leading the way it in improving standards across the industry. 

At DRA PAT Testing that great service for everyone includes:

  • Dealing directly with Richard from first point of contact, right through your journey with us (you may also meet other members of the team on the jobs)
  • We remove old labels before applying ours (sometimes its not possible) to keep things neat and tidy – and we use professionally printed blue and white pass labels so they standard out against the normal green labels
  • We do our own visual risk assessments before testing appliances
  • We do full visual inspections on every appliance before testing it
  • We talk to you about appliances that can’t be turned off
  • We replace standard plugs and fuses, and do in-sc0pe repairs, included in the price
  • We don’t do unnecessary tests
  • We help you manage the risks to maintain safe appliances long term
  • We can also organise your fixed wiring and fixed appliance testing

We provide high standards

At all times we ensure appliances we say are safe, are, we don’t rush the job and don’t cut corners unlike some cheaper competitors. 

How much does PAT testing cost?

When pricing for a job we take all kinds of things into consideration including the number of items to test, the types of appliances, the environment we’ll be working in, the conditions, the location, etc. 

We would expect a good experienced engineer to test up to 150 items per day in a workshop/factory environment and around 300 items per day in an office or school. 

We tend to operate on a price per day basis, whereby we will quote a set rate for the job based on the numbers we expect to cover in that time. 

What do we test?

We test all kinds of portable appliance, 110 and 230 volt equipment, and sometimes three-phase appliances too. 

Why is PAT Testing important? 

How would you feel if a person used an electrical appliance you provided and got an electric shock? They could get some nasty burns and be scarred for life, just because you didn’t ensure that appliance was maintaining safety standards. 

Imagine further, if the person was killed by the shock, having to tell his/her family that they died because you were too lazy or preoccupied to get equipment maintained, or worse still you didn’t want to pay a contractor a few hundred quid to test your equipment. 

Whilst we’re on the price subject make sure your money is well spent – you can pick the cheapest company to do the job, at say 70p an item and they’ll cut a few corners to test as many items as possible in the time available. At the end you’ll have labels, and a certificate but you may still have dangerous appliances. 

Or you could use a company like us; yes we charge a bit more, but that is because we take our time and don’t rush the job – we make sure that we do the appropriate maintenance that confirms your appliances are safe, then we work with you long term to ensure they remain safe. 

If you want to ensure your appliances are safe, and users remain safe, think about more than money and use us to get the job done correctly. 

We are far from expensive, on average our pat testing price is just £1.00 per item. 

We, and over 500 satisfied clients feel that our service is fair and competitively priced. We don’t have hundreds of staff, and we don’t take on massive jobs, we know our limitations to ensure a quality service. We are a small team, of experienced, qualified professionals all with the same high standards. We work on the basis that we don’t expect to complete more than 150 to 300 items per day dependent on the environment. 

We are also quite selective in the jobs we take on; don’t be offended by that, we can accommodate most people, but we need to be sure we are allowed to do a thorough job, after all we are putting our name to it. 

If you’re looking for a PAT Testing company, or want to discuss your options get in touch, or get a PAT testing quote. If you prefer call Richard and speak directly on 01916661009