PAT Testing IT Equipment

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PAT Testing is a process for ensuring electrical portable appliances are safe to be used; office equipment, also known as IT equipment such as computers, monitors and printers require regular portable appliance tests to ensure they remain safe for use; you may think there is a low risk in your office but how many people sit at their seats [...]

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is PAT Testing? PAT Testing is the abbreviated term given to the phrase “Portable Appliance Testing” which forms part of the process referred to as the ‘Inspection and Testing of In-Service Electrical equipment’. This practice was introduced to enable companies to comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations. To meet the EAWR regulations any company or organisation is [...]

What needs PAT Testing?

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What appliances need PAT testing? There are 2 main factors to consider to determine whether or not an electrical appliances requires a PAT test... The electrical 'classification' of the item, and The 'category' of the item The class of an appliance helps to determine whether it needs testing for earth and insulation, just insulation, or simply requires [...]