What is Portable Appliance Testing?

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What is portable appliance testing? Portable Appliance Testing is also called PAT testing, so the question "What is PAT testing?" carries the same answer. There is actually a lot more content on that page so we recommend you go there if you really want to know the answer. If you simply want to get some portable appliance testing [...]

PAT Test Certificate | Portable Appliance Testing Report

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PAT Test Certificate from Portable Appliance Testing On completion of the inspection and testing of electrical equipment in your workplace, home, etc. you are provided with a report called the PAT testing Certificate.  The certificate you receive should list all the appliances tested, ideally with a reference that relates to the label applied to the appliance [...]

Guidance on maintaining safe portable appliances to Pass PAT testing

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Making sure your equipment continues to be safe shouldn't be too difficult, and in most cases you will pass PAT testing if you equipment is maintained; you see, as long as your equipment is as safe on the day of the test as it was the day it was made, the appliance is going to pass. Appliance testing ultimately is [...]