Appointment Information

Appointment Information2019-07-30T13:59:29+00:00

This information will make the process of PAT easier for you

The following information relates to every job we do, then below, there is specific information based on different environments. We recommend you check your specific environment information. 

  • The job will be carried out by DRA PAT Testing Limited.
  • We test each appliance, and each part of the appliance, that is powered by mains electricity including detachable power leads and adaptors
  • We do not test, inspect or record battery operated equipment such as laptops, power tools and mobile phones (but do check their chargers) 
  • If anything is not to be tested please advise the engineer on site
  • Servers – we do not unplug servers or turn them off. It’s up to you to do that. 
  • We automatically carry out repairs to the existing plug, fuse and flexible cable – we do not record this anywhere, as there is no need. If a standard plug or fuses needs replacing we do this without charge. If a plug is not present and needs supplying, we will do so, and it will be charged for. 
  • On completion of the job we will check with you whilst we’re on site that all equipment has been tested. If you confirm this then discover something has been missed and ask us to return, additional charges will be applied.  
  • You will need to advise staff that we are coming to test equipment – e.g. computers will need shutting down and staff may need to vacate their usual work area
  • If the job turns out to be bigger than expected we may have to return at a later date to complete the work, if we can’t complete it on the arranged date. Additional items above the quoted for amount will be added to the final invoice at the quoted for or standard rate
  • If the job turns out to be smaller than expected; we will leave when it is complete to reduce further disruption to your business; the quoted for amount will be charged
  • Everything we test will be recorded on the PAT report including results obtained and recommended retest periods
  • When the work is complete, we create your PAT report and certificate and email it to you. This can take a few days. 
  • With the report (or before), we will send your invoice which should be paid immediately, or within 14 days. If you need a longer credit term you must apply before the job starts. 
Appliances without a plug2019-07-30T14:14:43+00:00

An appliance without a plug, or without an accessible plug still needs to be safety checked. 

To fully test a ‘fixed’ appliance it needs the wiring detached from the mains, which requires your power to be turned off. This leads to a lot of disruption; and our engineers are not trained to do this anyway. 

We will carry out a point to point earth test on the Apollo 600 meter or earth continuity test using voltage/multi-meters; or a visual only inspection 

Catering: restaurants, pubs, etc.2019-07-30T13:14:51+00:00

Microwave ovens – will be tested for emissions leakage, power and temperature rise at a cost of £10.00

Engineers/in-the-field-based staff2019-07-30T13:40:41+00:00

If these people have company provided equipment it will need bringing in to be tested

Hotels and other accomodations2019-07-30T14:01:12+00:00

Our engineers will be on site for a full day; when they can’t into rooms they will need to access other areas

For rooms it would help if we have a master-key and a list of all vacant rooms

It may get to a point that some rooms cannot be accessed OR you have to advise guests that access is required

Industrial and Construction2019-07-30T13:46:29+00:00

Site Inductions – if we are not made aware in advance and these hold up our work for more than 15 minutes, Labour charges will be applied at £45.00 per hour pro-rata in 15 minute blocks

PPE – you must inform us in advance of PPE requirements, as we do not carry PPE as standard. If we have to leave to return at a later date due to lack of information additional charges will be applied. Please note we cannot wear gloves 

Non-standard equipment – see the appropriate faqs section for this

Non-standard plugs (red, yellow, blue)2019-07-30T13:37:18+00:00

Non-standard plugs such as these pictured can be tested but we need to know in advance, to ensure we are carrying appropriate adaptors. 

There is a charge of £1.50 each

Please note: We do not have adaptors to test anything above 32amps although we can still carry out visual inspections. 

Office-based businesses2019-07-30T14:03:04+00:00

If you use ‘banks’ of desks working on extension leads we will need all computers shutting down at the same time – this is a perfect opportunity for a team meeting! 

Computer work should be saved 

If we’re working outside your working hours computers should be shut down at the end of the previous working day

Any equipment usually kept in drawers and cupboards should be got out ready

Rental property: HMO’s, Landlords, agents2019-07-30T13:58:55+00:00

We need a list of appliances in the property that are provided, so we know what is to be tested 

It would be a help if you can provide us with a key/entry

What do you want us to do with appliances that can’t be repaired?

Risk-based retest periods or annual testing2019-07-30T13:34:07+00:00

As standard we will implement annual testing unless you tell us otherwise by either:

  • Advising us of your company policy, or 
  • Getting us to implement appropriate risk based frequencies which you will then create risk assessments for
Server Systems2019-07-30T13:29:19+00:00

We do not turn off or shut down server systems – it is up to you to do that. 

We recommend you make arrangements for your server to be shutdown to be tested either for this appointment, or we can arrange a more convenient out of hours solution. A server system should be tested at least once in five years. 

If the server can’t be turned off (or has been tested once in the last five years) we will carry out the best visual inspection we can on each part of the appliance. 

We may carry out a thermal survey on the server – we don’t provide you with images of this, unless excessive hot spots are detected

We don’t turn back on servers that have been turned off – its up to you to do that 


Sockets – after a socket is installed it is never checked again by anyone; with constant use over time it can deteriorate. We recommend sockets are checked at least once every 5 years – do you want us to do this? Talk to the engineer. It costs 50p per socket and we will advise you of any defects