Requirements and Responsibilities for PAT testing

Requirements and Responsibilities for PAT testing2019-01-16T07:00:28+00:00

The Electricity at Work Regulations require that electrical equipment is maintained to prevent danger; an organisation will normally meet this statutory requirement by setting up a system of inspection and testing, and repair of electrical equipment involving user checks, formal visual inspections, combined inspections and tests, and repair and replacement to ensure that equipment does not present a danger.

  • User Checks
  • Formal Visual Inspections
  • Combined Inspections and Tests
  • Repair and Replacement

The system employed places responsibilities on:

  • The user of the appliance, to check it before use
  • The duty holder (usually a manager in the business), who is responsible for setting up and maintaining the system
  • The inspector, usually the test operative (us) who performs the formal visual inspection
  • The test operative (us) who inspects and tests electrical equipment
  • The person repairing faulty equipment (may be us)
  • Other duty holders such as company directors, managers, etc. in your business

The regulations require the person doing the testing to be competent to inspect and test electrical equipment, find faults and manage them appropriately, whilst maintaining due regard to their own safety and others around them. The person conducting testing must be competent to undertake the work and to interpret the results as appropriate.