Subcontract PAT Testing work to us

If you need help fulfilling your PAT testing contracts here in the North East we may be able to help you.  We have a team of engineers, so have the capability to help you cover your workload.  We can charge per item or per hour, whichever is best. We can use our labels or yours, and we use Seaward Apollo 600's and Primetest 100 machines to record results.  Contact us with your requirements and let's see if we can help each other. 

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Do you worry about important plugs being switched off by accident?

Everywhere we go there is at least one plug with a post it note taped to it with the big letters "DO NOT SWITCH OFF".  Someone somewhere is terrified that the all important plug will be taken out and replaced by a hair drier or heater!  But you need worry no more, for we have the solution!  Not only does this simple solution massively reduce the chances of your plugs being disconnected when you don't want them too, but it can also totally prevent it.  In addition to that the exact same system can protect younger users from the [...]

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Benefits of using our service

When it comes to searching for a suitable PAT testing company they're ten a penny. Most likely offer a similar service; they all do pretty much the same thing.  Each PAT company sends an engineer to your workplace to test all your portable appliances, put some labels on and then later sends you a report.  So what makes us any different?  Despite what you may think not all PAT testing companies have the skills, knowledge, experience and high standards that we do; not all put quality above quantity - whilst most PAT companies expect their engineers to test 300-500 [...]

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PAT testing Certificate – do you need a PAT Certificate?

PAT testing Certificates To get a PAT testing certificate you're going to need to get your electrical appliances tested; following which we will issue you with a report including the certificate.  The PAT testing certificate is a document that lists every appliance that has been tested and the results obtained by the engineer when carrying out the tests.  The certificate also includes information on any failed appliances and what you need to do.  Furthermore we will provide recommendations for on-going PAT testing frequencies, so that you remain compliant in line with a risk assessment, whilst avoiding unnecessary costs.  [...]

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