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PAT Testing in Offices – Office PAT Testing – PAT testing computers

PAT testing Office equipment As a PAT testing company we specialise in low risk environments, namely offices. IT equipment is relatively easy to inspect and test to check it is safe; many electrical appliances don't ever need a test (they will need inspecting though), and many more will only need an inspection for the first few years. A computer is bought, put on a desk, wired in to the socket underneath and used by someone, it doesn't move for years - how would it get damaged? This is worth considering when doing a risk assessment.  [...]

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Charity Shops PAT testing info and service

Electrical goods donated to charity shops must be checked for safety before they can be sold to customers of the shop; they can't just be sold in the conditions they are received in. Appliances need to be checked by an appropriate person, ideally a PAT Testing company, or a person trained to do such testing. If you don't have anyone in-house to carry out the tests there is a good opportunity for someone to learn a new skill, some charity shops will put a volunteer through a PAT testing course, so they can then get paid to do the testing. [...]

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Get your school PAT tested during the school holidays

It's not too late to arrange the PAT Testing at your school for the summer holidays; we still have some space for you, but hurry - we can't guarantee the space for long. The school holidays are the best time to get portable appliances tested; it's easier for us to do our job and we find that less equipment gets missed when we don't have to work around pupils and staff. We'll find any faulty appliances and either repair them or remove them so they don't present a danger to users during term time. We'll also work with you to [...]

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PAT testing in schools

Throughout the school holidays we carry out PAT Testing in schools... currently we have space in the summer and easter holidays to book in new schools. We can test all appliances every year like many schools prefer or manage the frequency between tests for you, to reduce your overall spend.    

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Mobile Disco PAT Testing

If you own a mobile disco or are planning to start up a mobile business then it is recommended you get PAT testing done sooner rather than later. The vast majority of venue's you go to will require your equipment to have been tested in order to protect their own insurance, and also out of matter of fact that they don't want dangerous appliances being used on their premises. Mobile disco equipment gets moved around a lot, as you know and there is a high chance of damage occuring which is why you need to get it check at [...]

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