This caused surprise at my networking meeting

DRA PAT Testing is owned by Richard Ayre, Director for DRA Solutions limitedAt my weekly breakfast networking event last week, we were talking generally about testing portable appliances, and how often people get PAT Testing done, as there were a few people there who felt it didn’t need doing every year, well when I announced that could be the case there was a lot of surprise.

I went on to explain that in general office-type businesses don’t need testing every year.

It comes down to how you assess the risks, and if those risks are low, then you don’t need annual testing, which is reserved for medium risk locations usually.

And to make the change from annual to less often is a painless experience that I can help you with.

So if you or someone you know has an office type business, check how often appliances are being tested – if it’s every year, then you need me. I’ll review what’s being done now and show you how we can change that, to save you a lot of money. Get in touch with me and we’ll have a meeting about it. 

I like to work with office-type businesses, ideally with around 50-100 workstations, but ultimately any size is great; put them in touch with me; Richard Ayre, of DRA PAT Testing.

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