Dangerous Electrical Appliances

In our day we come across many dangerous electrical appliances; we’d much rather we found them and disposed of or repaired them, than you use them and have an accident, these are some examples of what we come across.

110v Extension Lead – A Dangerous electrical appliance


dangerous electrical appliance - 110v lead

We came across this faulty extension lead in use on a building site; it was ran along the floor (wet and muddy) to a still saw (circular saw) that was in use cutting wood, how many cuts can you see in the lead? How anyone hadn’t had an electric shock from this only the man upstairs will know. This is very dangerous; had the cut cable been in a puddle for example it could have made the water live – stand in that and you’ll know about it.

110v Adaptor – A Dangerous electrical appliance

Dangerous electrical lead

Another highlighted fault on an electrical appliance; this is man-made – it’s a 110v adaptor used on construction sites – in the past it’s got damaged and rather than replacing the adaptor it’s been repaired with white Duck tape; the adaptor was in fact held together with the duck tape. Not very well either because when we’d made the transformer safe to remove the adaptor it came out in 3 sections. This is an extremely dangerous electrical appliance – we were able to replace the adaptor for the client so the extension lead could be used safely again.

Do you have dangerous appliances?

If you don’t maintain your equipment or get it checked by a competent person on a regular basis your appliances may become dangerous, and you won’t even know it… until it is too late.

No one wants to be responsible for an electric shock, or worse; so don’t take a chance, get your electrical appliances tested to make sure they are safe.

Complete our PAT testing quote form so we can arrange to make sure your appliances aren’t dangerous.