Most offices have a server system which terrifies the office manager when the PAT tester is in – worry no more; we don’t switch them off, nor do we insist on it. In fact, if it was safe when it was installed, it’s probably safer if we just leave it well alone.

A server should be maintained by an IT technician who will keep it in a good working state; even those really messy ones are usually functioning well. 

If you can organise a time, even a different day, when the server can be shutdown to be fully tested that would be ideal but because the risk is very low, and the server is in effect a fixed/stationery asset it should only need one test every 4-5 years. 

We have the option of a doing a thermal survey to find any unusual hot spots and can check the earth is functioning on the racks. 

If you do want the server testing but don’t want the disruption we can work with you outside normal business hours to get this job done.