The best way to prepare for PAT testing is to accept that we will need to access your electrical equipment, and when we are testing it you can’t be using it. So computers will need shutting down and users will need to leave their work area whilst we do our job. If you can cope with that it flows nicely.

If you’re business is office based, and people share desk space/banks of desks, it’s more than likely they will share extension leads so the full bank will need to come off. If this really isn’t possible, like we experience when testing the computers of Police 999 call handlers, then we will work with you to find the best solution.

For most people, its fairly easy to organise.

If you have equipment usually kept in drawers and cupboards; get them out ready – we don’t like to invade personal space by rummaging around, unless you tell us to.

Also, if you people working from home, or engineers with equipment in vans you need to make arrangements for them to come in to work, or we can go to them (additional costs will apply)

If you have any questions just ask.