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Portable Appliance Testing

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Providing Electrical Appliances Testing (PAT & FAT) and Mains Wiring (EICR) in Gateshead

DRA PAT Testing Limited is a Tyneside-based independent specialist electrical appliance testing company, with a strong reputation for high standards offered at competitive prices.

Since we began in 2009 we have built up a portfolio of more than 500 regular clients, many of whom are on managed plans for their PAT Testing frequency.

We can do PAT simply, by working for you as a contractor, just doing the job as a one-off, or working with you long term to ensure your equipment maintains appropriate safety standards so that you remain compliant with the regulations.  

If you want to know more check out the benefits of PAT testing.  

We always come to you to test your appliances in-situ; we remove old labels and apply new ones discreetly; each label displaying its own unique identification number that relates directly to the itemised report we provide you with. Our reports are issued from the office as one PDF document attached to email, including your PAT testing Certificate

Every time we quote for a job, the following are included, without additional charges:

  • Supply and fit of replacement plugs
  • Supply and fit of replacement fuses
  • Repairs to the existing flexible cable
  • Professional printed PAT labels
  • Our expertise & recommendations based on the associated risks of your equipment

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Get a quote for PAT Testing in Gateshead by completing this form now:

The most recognised and arguably the easiest way to comply with Uk regulations to ensure your electrical systems are maintained and safe for continued use is a regular PAT test.

You can start that process today by completing this form, from which we’ll provide you with a price and then hopefully do the job. 

When the work is complete, we’ll provide you with a report of everything tested and any recommendations for further action. 

Our engineers carry out basic repairs automatically, and talk to you first when more is needed. 

We don’t turn off server systems but talk to you about the options first; being permanently placed stationery IT appliances; one test every 5 years should be sufficient anyway. 

Call us on 0191 6661009

PAT Testing Gateshead

Example of our labels and equipment

Seaward Apollo 600 PAT tester and a Seaward Primetest 100 PAT testing machine with blue and white PAT labels

Regular electrical testing ensures that any defects are maintained appropriately; the more regular the testing the less likely new defects will occur. Keeping maintenance up to date reduces the chances of an accident occurring. This is a one of the main benefits of PAT Testing. Many people like to say that PAT testing too often is a waste of money, and in some environments it is, but initially at least, doing PAT more often will ensure equipment maintains safe standards. Moving forward from that it is possible to increase the intervals between tests, as long as the risk is periodically assessed to make sure defects are not starting to occur again. As your PAT tester we work with you to help you maintain safe appliances, and thus a safe working environment. 

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