If you want your business equipment PAT testing then you generally have two choices for doing it…

Do it yourself


Sub-contract it

Sub-contracting PAT testing is fairly standard – most companies who don’t have in-house maintenance do it.

However, be careful who you select; there are a lot of options out there and rarely is the cheapest going to be the best. Why do we mention this? Not because we’re really expensive but because you are responsible for health and safety in your workplace; not us. Not even after you have contracted us to do the work.

In the eyes of the law the responsible person in your workplace is who your workplace designate as the responsible person, and they are responsible for choosing the PAT company and for what they do. If the PAT company cuts a lot of corners and misses potential dangers it is you that is responsible in the event of an accident. Remember that.

When you need your portable appliances testing contact us for a PAT testing quote.