Health and Safety Information (updated July 2021)

Over 12 years’ Portable Appliance Testing Experience

Health and Safety Policy Statement

This Health and Safety Policy Statement recognises DRA PAT Testing Ltd’s obligations under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. This policy statement and the health and safety documentation detailing the means of implementing the policy are in respect of DRA PAT Testing Ltd and its operating businesses.

DRA PAT Testing Ltd has a moral and legal obligation to safeguard, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of their employees and anyone who may be affected by the actions of DRA PAT Testing Ltd, its employees, or as a result of DRA PAT Testing Ltd’s activities. DRA PAT Testing Ltd fully accepts their obligations and responsibilities, which will be achieved by:

  • Meeting its responsibilities as an employer to do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent accidents, injuries and damage to health.
  • Providing and maintaining safe working environments that are without risks to health, safety and welfare. Limiting adverse effects on and adjacent to the area in which those activities are carried out.
  • Ensuring all employees play an active part in the health and safety of DRA PAT Testing Ltd by consulting with them and providing them with adequate information, instruction, training and supervision for them to understand their role within DRA PAT Testing Ltd.
  • Setting standards that comply with the relevant statutory requirements relating to health, safety and welfare with regard to the effect on employees, contractors, visitors and the public.
  • Safeguard employees and others from foreseeable hazards connected with work activities, processes and working systems.
  • Ensuring that hazardous areas are kept secure from the public, employees or contractors not required to enter them.
  • Ensuring that when new substances, plant, machinery, equipment, processes or premises are introduced, adequate guidance, instruction, training and supervision are provided for safe methods of work to be developed.
  • Ensuring that all plant and equipment is maintained in a safe condition and is subject to routine and statutory inspections and examinations.
  • Ensuring that contractors undertaking work for DRA PAT Testing Ltd are informed of the relevant standards required and are monitored to ensure compliance without detracting from the contractors’ legal responsibilities to comply with statutory requirements.
  • Provide adequate resources to comply with statutory requirements with regards to the health, safety and welfare of all those affected by its activities.

Employees are required to cooperate with DRA PAT Testing Ltd not only to ensure their personal safety, but also to ensure they are not prosecuted for breach of legislation or have disciplinary action taken against them by DRA PAT Testing Ltd for breach of Company rules.

DRA PAT Testing Ltd will communicate the Health and Safety Policy to all employees, and it will be freely available to customers, shareholders and the general public.

This policy will be reviewed annually and updated as required to conform to current legislation. This Policy, supported by Instructions, Procedures and Organisational Arrangements, is to be applied to all activities carried out by DRA PAT Testing Ltd.

All Directors, Managers, Supervisors and Foremen will enforce this Policy. The Managing Director is personally responsible for the health and safety performance of DRA PAT Testing Ltd and signs this policy statement in acknowledgement of this.

Contractors Health and Safety Accreditation

Health and Safety Policy

Risk Assessment and Method Statement

Competence to Test

City & Guilds Qualification 2377/22 in Portable Appliance Testing, their training includes:

  • The principles of electricity, the source and nature of hazards
  • Precautions required to avoid danger
  • Hazards from the testing location/environment
  • Relevant safety standards.
  • Operating principles of the test equipment and the unit under test.
  • Appliance testing and the use of test equipment.
  • Interpretation of the test results.
  • The correct frequency of testing.

Although the C&G qualification is recommended there is no requirement for operatives to hold it; a PAT operative should be deemed competent to carry out portable appliance testing.

All our operatives have attended the City and Guilds training course, have attained the qualification and or attended the PAT testing Expert PAT testing training course and been trained in-house and deemed competent to carry out PAT testing.

Example PAT Testing Certificate Report

PAT Testing Labels

This is what our PAT Testing Labels look like