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PAT Testing is a subject people like to overcomplicate; I believe in keeping it simple. 

Even with keeping it simple you can be assured that if you choose us for your PAT Testing you will be fully complying with the regulations. 

If your business has electrical equipment (with plugs on) you are required, by law, to make sure the equipment is safe; and to continue to do so throughout the life of the appliance. 

The process of checking electrical appliances are safe, is referred to as Inspection and testing – Inspection and Testing is carried out on all electrical systems, including the wiring in the walls, the lights and appliances wired in, and the appliances that plug in to the sockets. The process has to be repeated at periodic intervals, dependent on the associated risks. For example in a commercial environment the fixed wiring should be tested every 3-5 years usually. Appliances on the other hand, pose a much bigger risk, and so need testing anywhere between 3-monthly ( on a building site) and 4 years (e.g. appliances that never move, in an office). 

The easiest, and most recognised process for checking electrical appliances that have plugs, is called portable appliance testing, or PAT testing. 

PAT testing should be carried out initially, then at intervals based on a risk assessment. 

You contract us to do the PAT Testing for you; we come to your workplace (or home) and carry out inspections on every appliance, and test those that need testing. 

Not all appliances need testing, but all do need an inspection. That is, all appliances with a plug, and any parts that detach from them but still require mains electricity to function. Appliances that are battery powered do not require testing (but their chargers do). 

We work with you to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum, to ensure the PAT test has the least affect on your business as possible. 

We will further advise you of any needs arising for improving safety through the use of your equipment. 

We will also check white goods, such as washing machines and tumble driers against the latest Product Recalls. 

The tests we do, are recorded on our Seaward Apollo 600 test meters, and later downloaded to computer to create a PAT Testing Report, which provides you with the evidence you need to show that you are taking appropriate steps to ensure your appliances are safe. 

We then remind you, after an appropriate amount of time, to check your appliances again, to make sure they are still safe, and no damage has occurred since the last check. 

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“We always use DRA Electricals for our office. I would highly recommend these guys to any business. Very professional service and friendly! We had our PAT Testing done. Thanks guys.” 

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