About You: How we can help you achieve your objectives

About You: How we can help you achieve your objectives2020-01-16T22:54:06+00:00

How we can help you with your PAT Testing

PAT testing is something most people don’t want to get done because they don’t see the value of it; if your business ever catches fire (god forbid) or someone gets an electric shock off your faulty equipment you’ll be glad you had PAT testing done. 

You see, regular PAT Testing shows the authorities that you have taken action to make sure your equipment is safe to be used, and in doing so you are complying with the regulations. 

If a fault occurs between tests, there is very little you could have done about it, and this usually means your insurance company will pay out on a claim and the authorities are less likely to take severe action against you. Of course we can’t guarantee that, and cannot be held responsible but by getting appliances tested you are taking action to ensure equipment is safe. 

Regular PAT tests should be carried out as often as your risk assessment suggests it should be done; for example, a computer in an office should be tested every couple of years to make sure it is still safe to use; whilst tools on a building site should be tested every 3 months. Intermittently you should also look at doing user checks in house to make sure no faults have developed in-between tests. 

Minimising disruption

We also know that many people dread the PAT testers coming in, because they know they are going to be disrupted, which is why we do our best to minimise that for you. Some companies employ engineers on such low rates that the engineer can’t wait for you, so will be pushy and force your people off their equipment, so they can rush around testing as many items as possible in the minimum time. 

We don’t do that. We understand your situation; we work with you to minimise disruption. We charge you a fee, and that is passed to our team as a wage, so they’re not in a rush to do their testing. They’ll do what needs to be done in a reasonable time, and work with you to ensure everything gets tested with minimal disruption to your business. 

Procedures are the same everywhere 

In almost every scenario, every industry sector, the process of PAT testing is the same; but sometimes the work takes longer in some locations. 

  • Industrial equipment in a factory will probably take longer to do than IT equipment in an office, especially if you’re using 110v adaptors, for example. 
  • In an office if users don’t leave their desk as promptly as others, this usually contributes to disruption, as time at a desk may be longer. 
  • Every appliance is inspected thoroughly, and tested as required. 

Saving you money

Most office based businesses don’t need all their equipment testing every year, yet most still do so; mainly because their PAT tester told them to. We assess the risks and recommend the best PAT testing frequency, usually every 2 years, for office equipment. 

We also discount the per item rate, for over 200 items tested, saving you more money. 

We only do what is necessary

In PAT testing, like other trades, there are cowboys – those that charge you for socket testing, or to test microwave ovens emissions – neither are a requirement of PAT testing; whilst they do them and charge for them; we don’t. You don’t need to get them done. We’ll do them if you ask us to, but there’s not really any point. If we come across a socket that is damaged we’ll tell you; and you can usually spot a microwave that is going to have high microwave leakage issues – so that’s likely to fail our standard tests anyway. 

It’s a box ticking exercise, we understand

Whilst it shouldn’t be thought of as a box ticking exercise, there is no getting away from the fact that for many, they get PAT done to tick a box. Every box ticked is an important one, and whilst we may place more importance on it than you we don’t make a big deal of it. We do our job and you can tick the box. 

No contracts

We work on trust, not contacts – we agree a price, we do the job, we provide the certificate, you pay us. Next time the testing is due we send you a reminder and hopefully you’ll remember we did a good job and book us in again. But there is no contracts, so no hassle. 

Booking us is as straightforward as agreeing a price and a date, so we can get the job done.