Preparing for your PAT testing appointment

Preparing for your PAT testing appointment2020-02-03T13:27:36+00:00

Everything you need to know to prepare for a PAT Testing appointment

So you have booked us to come to you to PAT test your electrical equipment, but what does that involve? Well, it’s actually quite straightforward, and pretty much the same for most places. 

Electrical equipment to be tested needs unplugging so that is the first important point you need to be aware of; it’s also very difficult for us to do what we need to do if the equipment we are to test is being used by someone. So… 

Let’s consider a computer as the easy example – the person using it needs to save their work and shut it down. Then they should leave their desk for about 10 minutes whilst we do what we need to do. We need to test the computer, the monitor and the two detachable IEC leads. We also need to test the extension lead, if that is what they are plugged in to. If that extension lead also feeds another desk, we’ll need to do that one at the same time. If the extension lead is powered from another extension lead – we need to do that one too. If you have a lot of extension leads ‘daisy chained’ and overloaded we will recommend better options. If you cables are messy we’ll try to tidy them. 

If you’re using laptops then it’s a little bit easier – we need the leads, not the laptop, so the user can pick up their laptop and go sit somewhere else for a few minutes.

It works like this in most environments – we will work around you as best we can, but its going to take a little bit of flexibility on your part too – working together we can keep the disruption to a minimum.

If anything cannot be turned off be prepared – either mark it clearly and tell the engineer so alternate action can be taken, or arrange for it to be turned off for testing. 

If anything is kept in drawers and cupboards get it out ready, as we don’t obviously, root through drawers etc. 

If you’re meeting room is going to be tied up all day, perhaps get that done first. 

If you have staff that work from home or other sites you may want to consider getting their work supplied equipment on site to be tested. 

Try to encourage your staff to accommodate us; we can’t test every computer at lunchtime, and we have to eat too. 

Try not to hold us up too much – if we’re prevented from working for more than 30 minutes we may charge you for loss of earnings. Also if you’re planning to do a site induction that takes this sort of time, please let us know in advance. 

Same as if PPE is required, we need to know in advance, as we don’t carry / wear hard hats, hi-vis, and safety boots as standard. 

Also if the job has been booked and you’ve not mentioned adaptors of 16 amps or over; you need to tell us before the appointment.