PAT Testing Middlesbrough – PAT Testing North East

PAT Testing Middlesbrough – PAT Testing North East2019-08-29T18:34:55+00:00

DRA PAT Testing Ltd is a leading provider of portable appliance testing including preventative maintenance solutions for the North East of England. Based in Wallsend; near Newcastle upon Tyne, we are well situated to get to our clients easily wherever you may be in the region. 

Our team of operators are experienced, and competent in their roles. We work with our clients to ensure their equipment maintains safe standards to provide continued use. We will carry out repairs as necessary and provide documentation including a PAT testing Certificate to confirm this element of safety testing has been completed. 

We aim to remove labels from previous testers so your equipment doesn’t get messy, apply ours neatly and unobtrusively, and carry out thorough visual inspections before testing. We also carry out functional tests and can test fixed appliances if need be; additionally we can test microwave ovens for emissions, power, temperature rise and interlocking plus we have the capability to do thermal image checks on servers when they can’t be shut down.