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pat testing North Shields

PAT Testing North Shields

DRA PAT Testing is based in Wallsend, so perfectly situated to serve you in North Shields – being close the added benefit to you is the price we charge you will be less than someone further away, as our travel costs are a lot lower. We believe in working closely with other local businesses, which is why we reflect that in our prices. 

Ovington boats logo North Shields Fish Quay

“Have used DRA PAT Testing for a number of years now. Hassle free, brilliant service. Provides reminders as to when your testing is due which is helpful. Has also informed me in the past that some items aren’t annually tested – saving me money rather than just going ahead and doing it. Excellent friendly service.”

We have worked with Ovington Boats at their North Shields Fish Quay production centre for a number of years now, helping them maintain safe equipment used by skilled craftsmen in a dusty working environment. 

PAT testing for many is just about passing as many appliances as possible to make as much money as possible in a short time; but for us it is a lot more than that. It is about safeguarding and educating the user. These 2 major faults were found in a North Shields factory; can you spot the two issues here? The socket is broken, that is obvious – we report broken sockets to the client (some charge you for this); and we can repair them too if you want it doing.

In this case there is also an issue with that black plug – there is two cables going into it. Because the socket broke, the plug that was in their was stripped down and the cable wired into the other plug, so now two drills are running off the same plug. We took one of the leads out and put it on a new plug; we discussed it with the factory manager and changed the socket too. 

broken socket and badly wired plug

We are a PAT Testing company near you; we will come to North Shields to test your portable electrical appliances, carry out any repairs and provide you with a PAT testing certificate

We can test all types of electrical appliance including fixed equipment, and up to 415 volts. 

We will carry out repairs to equipment automatically, and supply standard plugs and fuses free of charge (additional fees may apply to repair non-standard adaptors)

We use pre-printed professional labels, which we apply neat and discreet and we remove old labels first. 

We work with you to minimise disruption to your business. 

We specialise in PAT Testing office IT equipment so your computers and servers are safe with us.

Do I really need my electrical equipment PAT tested?

If you have a fire at your workplace, or your equipment starts a fire at someone else’s, the insurance company is going to ask if you maintained its safety. A PAT testing certificate will show that you did. 

If you provide equipment for use by others at work, in rental properties, in hotel rooms, etc. you need to not only be sure they are safe, but that they are continuously maintained to stay safe – PAT testing does this. 

What we commonly call PAT testing or Portable Appliance Testing, is actually part of “Inspection and Testing” of electrical systems which covers the wiring and appliances in use in a workplace. 

All electrical appliances need inspecting and testing regularly to make sure they are safe to continue using; this includes appliances fitted with a plug or industrial adaptor, and those that are hard wired to the main electrical wiring of the building. 

Periodic testing of your electrical appliances should be an essential part of any company’s health and safety policy.

How often do I need to get my equipment PAT tested?

This depends on the associated risks of your equipment and their use, and is dependent on a risk assessment being carried out. You should also check your commercial insurers requirements, as they may even depict how often your electrical equipment needs testing. 

What we do:

Our engineer will come to your site, introduce themselves and explain how the process will work. They will carry out thorough visual inspections of your appliances, any necessary repairs and conduct electrical tests as required. 

They will tidy your leads, and try to leave them tidier and safer than they were found. 

All passed appliances will be assigned a unique ID number, with the test date on, and the old label will be removed. We will leave your equipment with discreet labels and your site as tidy as possible. 

If the appliance doesn’t pass our tests, it will fail, be labelled as so, and we will recommend what action to take. 

At the end the engineer will complete the paperwork, get you to check you are satisfied by signing the document. The results recorded on the machine will be downloaded and sent to our office, to be turned into your PAT testing Certificate.  

When comparing quotes look out for these pointers:

  • Microwave leakage testing – this hasn’t been a requirement under the Code of Practice since 2012 – so you don’t need to get it done. Cheap suppliers still tend to charge you for it
  • Socket Testing – this is actually nothing to do with PAT testing, and not required. Yet some suppliers charge for it automatically. If we spot damaged sockets we tell you. 
  • Retest dates on labels – Since 2012 you have been required to perform a risk assessment to determine PAT testing frequencies; it is not up to the contractor to dictate this. The retest date was taken off to stop people thinking that their PAT Testing had “run out”, and also to try and stop the cold callers that try to find out when yours ‘runs out’.

PAT Testing does not run out – it is as good as the day it is done; after that it is up to you to maintain equipment until it is tested again. 

The Health and Safety Executive and most insurers simply require you to have a regular testing procedure in place.

Please take a look at our Customer Reviews Page, and check out our reviews on Google

You can get a quote for your PAT Testing by completing the form below, then we will contact you to discuss your requirements further, or call us on 01916661009