How often are PAT tests required?

How often should we do a PAT Test is a topic for discussion on so many occasions, but our best advice is this – Keep it simple

Most customers want to know how often PAT testing needs doing for the wrong reasons; it shouldn’t be about how much money can be saved. A better question would be:

What does my business need to maintain safe portable appliances?

That question is more appropriate, but it is not a question that can be answered on a web-page as there are just too many variations to consider, so back to..

Keep it simple

Once we have been to your site, seen it, seen the equipment and tested what you already have we’ll be able to make some recommendations.

We’ll discuss with you what your requirements are and what we recommend as the most appropriate action for your business.

We’ll assess the risks involved and help you find an acceptable solution that not only keeps your appliances maintained to a safe standard but ideally will save you money, over time.

But beware; putting  risk based testing in place doesn’t always increase the time between tests; sometimes it will reduce the time.

Talk to us about how to maintain safe portable appliances at your workplace.

How often PAT tests are required not only requires us to give the right advice but it depends on the measures you have implemented in-house too, for example, your staff need to be doing regular user checks and you need someone competent internally who can carry out basic repairs or do some visual inspections when needed. 

PAT tests are needed as often as monthly and as little as every 5 years depending on the appliance – it’s a minefield with so many different scenarios so the best action is for us to test your equipment then recommend the best retest periods based on your situation. 

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