About your PAT Testing appointment

Giving you peace of mind that your electrical equipment is safe and you remain compliant

The Process from quoting to arranging future tests

Quoting and booking an appointment

The quote we have provided you with is the minimum charge for the job based on a number of items/  expected time on site. There is an addition charge for extra items; if the total number of items recorded is above the quoted for amount, each will be charged at the additional rate.

Other charges that could be incurred include:

  • £2.50 for Microwave emissions tests
  • Charges for having to test industrial equipment we were not pre-advised of (£1.50 for 110v and 230v up to 32amps; £2.50 for 64amps, or 415v equipment)
  • Standing charges for being held up more than 15 minutes by your company/staff/systems preventing us doing our work for every 15 minutes at £8.75 per 15 minute block.

The appointment is booked at a time convenient to us both; if you need to cancel it make sure it’s before we set off to do the job – ideally the day before so we can try to reallocate the time. We still have costs. If you cancel when we arrive, or you don’t turn up, or the job can’t be done for another reason that is a fault on your side then we will hold the right to charge you up to the quoted amount of the job.

On arrival / start of the job

When we arrive on site, we will introduce ourselves, which these days does not include shaking of hands! We will be wearing a face mask initially and it’s up to you whether we remove it or keep it on.

We would appreciate a tour of the facility initially so we can assess whether sufficient time has been allocated for the job, and if any PPE or additional risk assessments are required.

This is also a good opportunity to talk about any equipment that can’t be turned off or is at height, and the options for them.

If you can show us where your fuse boards are that will be appreciated – we’re not going to do anything with them but do need to check they are in date and if certain appliances are on their own circuits.

When we’re working

When we inspect an appliance we’ll check the plug, lead and unit itself; if a repair is needed to the plug or lead we’ll do it automatically. If the plug needs replacing we will do so, we don’t charge for this.

If the lead needs replacing we may or may not be able to do this – we don’t carry spare cable so we will quote to do this. It may be cheaper for you to buy a new appliance.

If the appliance needs repair if we can do it we will, but you may need a specialist engineer; again we’ll let you know.

If we do any major repairs or need to tell you anything about what we are doing / what we recommend – we will.

If an appliance is beyond repair by us we will fail it and tell you what action to take.

In regards to industrial equipment – when an adaptor needs replacing we will quote to do it, before we do it. We may not have the stock so may have to go off site to buy it.

We will test appliances that need testing, and do the tests appropriate to the appliance.

With Microwave ovens we will also test them for emissions leakage, at an extra £2.50 – unless you tell us not to.

We don’t check sockets as that is not part of the PAT remit, but if we find any to be damaged or defective we will report them – some companies charge as much as £40 to do this

If we are going to go over the quoted for number of items we will tell you, every additional item tested will be done so at the rate stated on the estimate.

At the end of the job

When the engineer feels the job is complete he will talk to you/the contact about what has been done. He will explain anything that has been repaired or failed, and what you need to do. He will also confirm with you that everything has been done, and has been switched back on if need be. You need to make sure this is correct; if you find anything not back on such as fridges and we have left we won’t take responsibility for loss. Also if anything has been missed we may charge to return to test it.

The engineer will provide you with a business card including our contact details, if you don’t already have them, but especially including a request for you to post an online review of his work.

Back at the office – or whilst we’re on site

Back at the office (or if you are lucky whilst we’re still on site) the engineer will download the test data to create the report, which he will send to you as a PDF document attached to an email. The email will provide you with any additional information you need to be aware of.

If the engineer is doing it on site he would appreciate access to your wifi, and perhaps a cup of tea whilst he does it 😉


We will invoice you as soon as possible after the job is complete; this may be before or after the PAT testing report is issued. The invoice should be paid as soon as possible after being received. We do provide some credit which is:

  • Invoices related to work done in your home – payment on receipt, no credit
  • Commercial Invoices under £75.00 – 7 working days
  • Commercial invoices of a higher amount – 30 working days

Payment should be made by BACS. Payment can be made by card using PayPal online but we do not have a card reader. Payment can also be made in cash.


Setting up a plan for the future – electrical appliances must be maintained to stay safe at all times; how you do that is up to you but you need to do it. If you are not doing actual maintenance but getting equipment inspected and tested (the PAT tests) then you are doing what is called “Preventative maintenance” which is basically checking the appliance is still ok.

Doing this, you need to make sure that you’re doing it often enough to prevent increasing the chance of a fault occurring and not being repaired before it becomes an issue, which is why more often than less is best. This is why many companies get equipment tested annually.

If you choose to do it less often, that’s up to you but you need a risk assessment in place to support that, in case anything happens.

We will automatically recommend an annual test, unless you tell us otherwise. We can discuss your options and will guide you but the final decision must be yours, and we cannot be held liable because in the eyes of the law the responsibility is yours.

If you are planning to get equipment tested on a different frequency to annual you should tell us before we complete the job, so we can ensure our records match yours. That way you only get reminders when they are appropriate.

When your tests are due to be done again we will send you a reminder. Initially by email about 6-8 weeks in advance when we’re planning our diary.

Usually we’ll suggest a date and time when we will come, then all you need to do is confirm that is ok or suggest a more convenient alternative.

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