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PAT testing Cramlington

PAT testing in Cramlington – Hello and welcome to DRA PAT Testing Limited, I am Richard, owner of the company and a PAT engineer with over 10 years experience. Here at DRA, we specialise in Portable Appliance Testing of electrical equipment in all kinds of workplaces such as offices, doctors surgeries, hotels, schools, salons, small business premises, etc.

We are able to test all types of equipment and can cover most jobs throughout Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyneside, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and Co. Durham

Richard Ayre - PAT testing expert

We like to think we have a good reputation, see our testimonials page for what other clients think. We consider ourselves to be reliable and professional, we work to standards we know some other testers don’t, for example, we remove previous labels and believe in being neat and tidy at all times, whilst being discreet and keeping your business disruption to a minimum.  

If you were to ask where our specialist area lay, I would say it is in pat testing IT equipment in offices.

We also do a lot of work for landlords in rented properties, holiday lets etc. National companies don’t tend to take this kind of work on but we consider PAT testing for landlords to be a large part of our business. 

An introduction to DRA PAT Testing and what we do

Why it is so important that we do PAT testing?

On a regular basis we meet people who say things like “PAT testing is a waste of money, I know how to wire a plug”, or “all you do is stick stickers on things”.. and then we see what they can do. We’ve seen plugs wired so badly they’re an electric shock waiting to happen, or they care so little for electrical safety we’re questioning when their business will burn to the ground. It is scary how many people who don’t value portable appliance testing don’t know how to wire a plug

There’s actually a lot of people who look down on the values of PAT; they think it is a waste of time and money, and I’ll admit in some cases it is, but for most people, when it is done right it can be a life saver. These days genuine appliances are made so well the chance of getting an electric shock are slim, but there are also a lot of appliances made badly that are flooding our markets, imported from countries without our manufacturing standards that pose a real fire risk. Finding these appliances is something a PAT tester does; he’ll also make sure you’re using appliances in the right way, such as not overloading extension leads. Appliances do also get damaged at work, so we’ll repair them, and also make sure they are up to their task. How often does your work microwave or kettle stop working, or trip the power? Have you ever wondered why this happens but doesn’t happen at home? 

Around 33% of accidental fires in the UK are down to electrical issues

Over 1000 workplace accidents are reported each year that involve electric shock or burns

The benefits of Portable Appliance Testing

Portable Appliance Testing is a peace of mind service; it is essential for compliance with UK workplace regulations, as it confirms electrical equipment is safe for continued use, which you are required to ensure, but it also confirms that electrical equipment is safe. The benefit of pat testing is that when an appliance is found to be defective it will be repaired or flagged for repair, which in turn makes it safe too, reducing the risk of a later fire or electrical accident. 

When on site we’ll discuss with you any issues, or areas of concern that we can help to fix, and consider the pat testing frequency (retest period). 

When all the work is complete, back at our office, we download the results and convert them into a PAT Testing Certificate Report which we send to you as a pdf for your approval. We will then send the invoice for payment. 

PAT Testing North East – PAT Testing Blyth – PAT Testing Cramlington

pat testing north east map of cities including Newcastle, sunderland, durham

We are based in Newcastle upon Tyne and cover all of the North East of England, wherever you are, including Durham, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Washington, Blyth, Alnwick etc.

We are competent to test a full range of portable and fixed electrical equipment to help you comply with workplace legal requirements, to reduce the risk of electrical fires and accidents and reduce financial loss, keep insurance companies happy and maintain safe working environments. 

Whether you need a contractor to follow your requirements or want us to manage your electrical safety on your behalf, we have the ability to help. 

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“DRA PAT Testing have helped UK businesses to maintain safe electrical appliances for over 10 years”

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Why Choose DRA PAT Testing?

DRA PAT Testing Ltd is a privately owned local pat testing company that specialises in the inspection and testing of electrical equipment making us the best choice if you want to make sure your appliances are safe. We are members of the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association, qualified through City and Guilds, DBS checked, CSCS approved and fully insured. 

We can offer you guaranteed peace of mind that when we say equipment is safe, it is; because we know we work to high standards – we do not charge to supply replacement plugs and fuses, we give free advice on best retest periods, we manage your electrical safety for you. 

Business owner, Richard Ayre, is also on the committee that runs the national standards organisation, the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association. 

✅ Experienced, PATTA registered engineers

We are an experienced company, established in 2009. All employees are moulded into our way of doing things, which is recognised as a high standard in the industry

✅ Free replacement plugs and fuses

Some companies charge to replace defective plugs and fuses, and as they seem to replace a lot you would ask were all those changes necessary? Which is why we don’t charge to replace them, so you know we only do genuine replacements. We also carry out remedial repairs free.

✅ Free advice on retest periods

PAT testing frequency is a big discussion point. How often PAT testing should be done caused a lot of confusion but at the end of the day it is determined by a risk assessment or HSE guidance.

✅ PAT Test Certificates including test readings

Every client receives a Certificate pdf document with itemised appliances for each site location and test results, guidance on failures and retest periods

✅ Cable management (tidying) included

Some companies charge extra to tidy cables under desks, we feel that if we leave you with a tidier working environment not only will you appreciate it but it will make our job a lot easier next time. Cables easily get messed up as more and more get added and IT teams don’t have the time to tidy, so we will do it for you

✅ Old pass labels removed

We hate seeing old messy labels left on appliances, so we aim to remove these before applying our own. Ours are clean, printed professional with unique ID numbers

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