PAT Testing price: What does PAT testing cost you?

PAT Testing price: What does PAT testing cost you?2020-02-17T13:34:12+00:00
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PAT Testing Price

We price our PAT Testing service based on the time we predict the job to take. We are all paid by the hour, including travel time and fuel expenses so we take that into account, which is why there is a £25.00 initial fee. This covers those costs. If it takes longer than 45 minutes to get to you, that initial fee may be higher although it is rare that we charge more. 

We charge a per item rate of £1.00 because that allows us to make a good income whilst being able to give your workplace the time required to thoroughly inspect and test each appliance so that we can guarantee you that equipment we say is safe; is. 

Where we differ to others is that our prices are set to provide a high standard of service, rather than to entice you to pick us on price alone. Cheaper suppliers have to rush their work to make their money. 

They also charge you for materials or things you don’t need. 

  • We don’t charge you to replace plugs
  • We don’t charge you to replace fuses
  • We don’t do unnecessary socket testing
  • We don’t do unnecessary microwave emissions testing

We do guarantee you a good service, and safe equipment

If  you have less than 225 items we charge £1.00 per item; for every appliance over 225 we charge a discounted rate of 75p* per item. The combined total still allows us to provide our service at our standards. 

*the 75p discount is provided your equipment is standard equipment; that’s applies to most of our customers – the usual appliances we use at work like computers, kitchen appliances etc. used in offices, doctors surgeries, small businesses, schools, etc. 

If your equipment is all in industrial environments we will likely continue to charge £1.00 per item. Also if your equipment is non-standard, such as with 16amp (+) adaptors we may charge a higher per item rate. 

Our PAT Testing Prices

Number of items (standard equipment 230v up to 13amps) Initial Fee / Per item price
1 to 20 items £45.00* (£25.00 initial then £1.00 per item)
21 to 225 items £25.00 then £1.00 per item
226 items + £0.75 per item


Non-~Standard equipment (16amps +) up to 415v Initial Fee / Price per item
110v and 230v up to 32amps £1.50 per item
415v up to 32amps £2.50 per item
Up to 415v 64amps, and three-phase £3.00 per item
Quick Terms and Conditions
Alternate per hour rate available: £45.00 for the first hour then £37.50 per hour thereafter
Prices quoted are excluding VAT (VAT to be added)
If only a few non-standard appliances are tested, in addition to standard, the non-standard initial fees do not apply
The first 5 plugs to be replaced are not charged for; if more than 5, they are charged for at £2.50 each (rarely happens)
Non-standard equipment repairs will be quoted for
The prices quoted are based on equipment testing being carried out in standard locations at ground level. Work at height will be quoted for separately; we do not carry ladders. 
It is up to you to advise us if PPE is required

Always included in the PAT Testing Price

what you get with our pat testing price

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