Arrange a free site survey for PAT testing

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Arrange for a Site Survey to be carried out

We appreciate that it can be daunting when you’re getting asked for information that you may be don’t know the answer to; so a site survey is helpful. It works for us at the quoting stage, but also later, when preparing for a job, and it helps you if you don’t know what you need doing. 

If you want to arrange a survey (or meeting) just contact us using the details below. 

A site survey helps you to make a more informed decision with your PAT Testing quotes

It is not uncommon for someone to know they need appliances PAT testing but to not know where to start, and to be fair we wouldn’t expect you to. 

We’re going to need to know how many appliances you have in order to provide a PAT Testing quote, as well as a whole host of other factors that have to be considered, so the best way to get all the information correct up front is if we visit your workplace to find this all out. 

We’ll assess the environment, the risks, count the appliances, see what PPE is required etc. and from there we’ll provide you with a bespoke, personal PAT testing price. 

A survey needn’t take long; a quick tour of your facility would be an advantage, and we can talk whilst looking around. We’ll make some notes then go away and send you a price by email. 

If you think this sounds like something you need simply fill in the form below, and we’ll be in touch to arrange to come in. We’ll try to tie this in with when we’re in your area on a job. 

Engineer making notes after doing a site survey for PAT testing

The important thing to remember when arranging your PAT Testing is that it is you who is responsible if something goes wrong afterwards, not the PAT company, so choose wisely. 

Read this before doing anything

You need to know this: The law makes you (as the responsible person/duty holder/owner) responsible for health and safety in your workplace; if you fail to do something correctly it is you that will be liable. In the case of electrical safety, you are responsible for ensuring all appliances and wiring is safe for continued use. Failure to do so can have catastrophic consequences. 

However, simply getting someone to check them for you is not sufficient; you need to make sure they’re going to do a good job, do it right, do any repairs, maintain the equipment, not cut corners and provide you with evidence that the installation is safe for continued use. Even then, if there is an accident you are still responsible. So please make a good choice, as the better choice you make now the better it will be for you later, as there will be much less of a chance of an accident occurring. 

The cheapest bidders won’t offer complimentary site surveys. They also won’t help you with your risk assessments to determine how often equipment needs testing. In fact; they don’t want you to know that portable appliances in an office don’t need testing every year

The DRA PAT Testing guarantee for you

If you talk to us about your PAT Testing needs we guarantee that we will help find the best solution for your needs; we will work with you or for you, whichever you require. We guarantee that we will do everything we can to ensure your electrical equipment is safe and maintains safe standards for continued use. We also guarantee that the price we charge will be the best price for the service you’re going to get. Contact me now by:

Richard Ayre, PAT Testing expert
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