10 Top Electrical Safety Tips

10 Top Electrical Safety Tips You may think the dangers of electricity are obvious; but you'll be surprised how many people don't know These are our 10 Top electrical safety tips to help you stay safe, to keep your staff and customers safe at work, and to avoid electrical fires and accidents. Make sure you turn off electrical appliances when they're not in use. Before leaving work at night, make it a routine to check that all electrical devices not in use are properly shut off. Never ever overload sockets. You shouldn't use more than one plug in every socket. If you have to use an adapter make sure it's the type that has a fuse. The total output of all plugs in the adapter should be no more than the specified rating (usually 13 amps). Add a residual current device (RCD) which is an easy way to cut off power and prevent shocks, especially if you are working outdoors Reguarly check the condition of plugs and sockets. You should pay attention to any burnt or frayed wires on appliances. It's best to get the services of an electrician to fix such problems Never ever allow electric wires or [...]