Why we need electrical appliances PAT Testing

Why we need electrical appliances PAT Testing2018-06-06T14:46:08+00:00

The basic requirement for PAT testing

To comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 you are required to ensure that if danger would result, electrical equipment has been maintained to prevent such danger.

Inspection is implicit when carrying out maintenance, to confirm the safe condition of the appliance or to identify defects.

Additionally some faults can only be identified through testing.

PAT testing is otherwise known as “in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment”, and covers the process of inspecting and testing equipment to ensure safety is being maintained appropriately.

A maintenance regime including user checks (by the user of the appliance), formal visual inspection (by a competent person) and where appropriate, testing (using a PAT machine or similar), will help to prevent accidents.

There is no requirement to keep records, but by keeping records (PAT Testing Report and Certificate) you are able to demonstrate that a maintenance regime exists.