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  • Local PAT Testing experts
  • We specialise in appliance inspections and testing
  • We do minor repairs free of charge
  • We replace BS1363 plugs free of charge
  • We operate 24/7 to reduce disruption to your business
  • We provide PAT Testing Reports really quickly
  • We use professional printed labels

Durham PAT Testing | Pat testing durham

We cover all of County Durham


Durham PAT Testing


DRA PAT Testing was established in Seaham, Co. Durham and is now one of the leading appliance testing companies in the North East of England with a reputation for high standards. 

It takes around 4 minutes to carry out a thorough inspection and test of the average electrical appliance according to the IET Code of Practice – we say it takes as long or as little as is required – we don’t put a time on safety. 

Our specialist areas are low-risk such as anywhere with a high percentage of IT equipment, but we are more than capable of carrying out our work in other areas too. 

We’ll check appliances are secure and as they should be electronically, and will carry out appropriate repairs where possible as part of the service, and replace BS1363 plugs and fuses free of charge. 

We appreciate that shutting down an appliance or a computer for a few minutes is a disruption you can do with out so we work with you to find the best time to carry out our work, even if that means we have to operate when you’re off or in bed. 

Ultimately you want a “PAT Testing Certificate” – this is a report of all the appliances we have tested, and we get this to you as quickly as possible after the job is complete; no waiting for you to pay like most other PAT companies do. 

Messy hand-written labels are the last thing you want on your equipment; you probably don’t want any labels at all, so we do our best to be discreet, and the labels you do so are printed professionally. 


Portable Appliance Testing


Otherwise known as PAT Testing; Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment is an essential part of safety in the workplace, and the most easily recognised process for confirming electrical equipment is safe – which you are required to do to comply with electrical safety regulations.