I need a PAT testing Certificate

PAT testing Certificates

We carry out inspections and testing on portable electrical appliances, in order to provide you with a PAT testing Certificate. 

How do you get hold of a PAT testing Certificate?

You know you need a PAT testing certificate but don’t know how to get hold of one; to do so, you need your portable appliances testing (PAT). 

Portable appliances are all electrical appliances fitted with a plug, that are detachable (or portable) from the main electricity supply by unplugging from the socket outlet. 

Your portable appliances may be computers in the office, kitchen appliances in a rental property or restaurant, equipment in a caravan to hire, tools in your van, or hairdryers in a salon, to name just a few. Each of these need to maintain a level of safety in order to comply with the electricity at work regulations, and health and safety at work. To prove an electrical appliance is safe it needs to undergo a series of inspections and tests, commonly known as PAT or portable appliance testing. 

Passed safety test PAT testing label for PAT Testing certificateWe come to wherever you are to inspect and test each appliance in turn, in-situ usually, carry out any necessary (in scope) repairs, and if all is well, pass the appliance, labelling it with our pass labels, and recording the results in our Seaward PAT testers. The results recorded are saved, and later get downloaded to create the PAT testing certificate that we send you. 

The certificate takes the form of a document including an itemised list of all appliances tested, including their test results, separated by location, information on any failed appliances, and a Certificate to display. Together these documents form the PAT testing Certificate

We would also provide you with any recommendations for further action or for improving safety. 


PAT Testing Certificate

We recommend to clients who have reception areas, to frame the pat testing certificate and display it to show their clients that they are serious about maintaining safe appliances, to comply with health and safety at work regulations. 

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