How do you get a PAT Testing Certificate?

How do you get a PAT Testing Certificate?

How to get a PAT Testing Certificate

We often get people ringing us asking for a PAT testing certificate to be sent out, so we have to explain to them that before that can happen we have to visit their site and test the equipment the certificate refers to. 

We carry out PAT Testing

We carry out PAT testing then we can provide a PAT testing certificate – PAT testing is short for portable appliance testing, which is a process for inspecting and testing electrical appliances that are portable from the mains supply by (carefully) pulling a plug from the socket. 

We will inspect, visually, and by using hand tools, the plug, the inside of the plug, the flexible cable and the outer areas of the appliance, then when satisfied, we will use a PAT test meter to carry out a sequence of electrical tests dependent on the appliance classification, to determine that internal safety systems are functioning correctly. 

If any repairs are required, if we are capable of doing them, we will do; if not we will recommend alternative action. 

Appliances that do not pass our tests will fail, and be marked not to use until corrective action is taken, which could include specialist repairs or removing the appliance from service and disposing of it. 

When we are fully satisfied the appliance will pass the test. 

When the job of testing all appliances is complete we will use the results stored on our PAT machines to create a PAT testing report. It is from the report that we create the PAT testing certificate

We create a pdf document out of the parts of the report and certificate, and call this the PAT Testing Report, which we send to you within 5 days of completing the work. 

PAT Testing Certificate

We recommend to clients who have reception areas, to frame the pat testing certificate and display it to show their clients that they are serious about maintaining safe appliances, to comply with health and safety at work regulations. 

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