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We provide every client with a testing certificate to show compliance with the regulations for a safe workplace; if you require a PAT certificate then you need to arrange for us to carry out your appliance testing. Contact us today by completing this form to make initial enquiries and to book in an appointment.

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PAT Testing Certificates

What is a PAT testing certificate?

A PAT testing certificate is a record that you should be provided with as a record of inspections and testing carried out on your electrical equipment to make sure it is safe. This certificate acts as a legal document that verifies appropriate steps have been taken to make sure all your electrical equipment is safe, and should detail the test results for the tests that have been carried out.

A PAT testing Certificate shows that you are complying with the Electricity at Work Regulations

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, which cover all electrical equipment from a battery-powered torch to 400 kV overhead power lines, require all systems to be maintained to prevent danger. Danger is defined as anything that risks injury or damage from fire. Records (PAT results) can be used to demonstrate compliance with the regulations.

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 require the employer to ensure that equipment is only used for operations and under conditions for which it is suitable; and it requires records of maintenance activities be kept – A PAT testing Certificate is an acceptable record.

If you need to know more about how a PAT testing Certificate will help you comply with the laws, check out our legal information page.

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Do I need a PAT testing Certificate?

If you supply electrical equipment to be used in a workplace, rental property, or for any business related activity then you need to be able to prove it is safe; a PAT testing Certificate confirms that. 

When you get electrical equipment testing carried out on your electrical equipment, the results obtained are used to create a PAT testing Certificate Report.

As a comparison of what this means, if you get the fuse board in your house tested the electrician gives you a certificate called an Electrical Installation Condition Report, – the PAT Testing Certificate Report is the equivalent for the appliances. 

We carry out electrical testing in homes and workplaces all over the UK, and provide every client with their own itemised PAT Testing Certificate. You can get yours too, all you need to do is book in an appointment, we’ll come and test your equipment and afterwards provide you with the report. 

  • For public liability insurance, your insurance company expects you to be complying with Health and Safety Regulations, so they may request a copy of your PAT testing certificate to show your electrical equipment is safe
  • If you do a tender application you may want to include the Certificate to show your commitment to Health and Safety
  • You may want to display your Certificate on your Health and Safety board, or put it in your file
  • If you are a landlord, displaying the PAT Certificate or putting it in the tenant file, shows you take their safety seriously.
pat testing certificates come from portable appliance testing with machines like this one from seaward

Check out this blog article on PAT test Certificates for some more information about how this certification supports that a business is complying with the regulations.

What is included in a PAT testing Certificate?

Every PAT Certificate Report we issue includes up to 5 essential parts:

  1. The Front Cover – this is there to look professional, and is a great starting point for the document
  2. The Guidance and Recommendations Document – this tells you about our findings, the engineers’s name, how many repairs we did etc. It also provides guidance on anything we flagged up during our inspection. It is an essential document that many companies don’t provide.
  3. The Passes Report – this is a list of all appliances that passed the inspections and their test results, each broken down into individual locations within your site
  4. The Failures Report – this document lists all the appliances that failed our inspection, why and what needs doing with them
  5. The PAT testing Certificate – this overview document confirms that the appliances that passed the inspections are safe to continue using.

The Testing Certificate Report document comes to you as a PDF via email and should be saved in your health and safety folder.

When we send the report to you, if there is anything else we need to add, that we didn’t already talk to you about, we will include it. Some companies include photographs of failed appliances, we don’t really see the point in that, but if anything is so major it needs to be documented in this way we will photograph it and send that to you at the time we’re on site – why wait until later? We will be telling our site contact whilst we’re there anyway.

The PAT Testing “Passes” Report

This is an example of what the Passes report looks like:

example of a PAT testing certificate passes report

What does a PAT Test Certificate look like?

When your PAT testing is complete we provide you with a Certificate; which confirms you are compliant. 

This certificate includes your address, and shows the date the testing took place. Contrary to popular belief it does not and can not include an expiry date. 

This is an example of our PAT testing Certificate:

PAT Testing Certificate

What does a PAT Test Certificate do for me?

PAT testing has to be carried out by a ‘competent person’, on electrical equipment to make sure it is safe. There are various legal requirements that you as an employer/business owner has to comply with, that requires you to carry out inspections and tests to confirm. The certificate shows that you have taken action to comply with the regulations. 

How soon do I get the Certificate?

We aim to get your certificate to you within 24 hours!

If you are looking for a PAT testing company to carry out electrical equipment testing in your business, DRA PAT Testing is here for you. 

We provide a professional service in the North East and across the UK, helping over 500 businesses to comply with the laws. 

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