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We always recommend that you contact us for a PAT testing quote; we don’t quote prices on this site as all it does is allow our competitors to undercut us, and we don’t have a one size fits all price anyway. 

We would appreciate a couple of minutes of your time to complete this form from which we can provide you with your price. If we need any more information we will ask. If you’re in a hurry ring us although be aware if we’re on a job we may not be able to answer the phone, even though it’ll be on divert to a mobile. 

If you need us to quote for testing of industrial appliances, please ensure you mention that in the message. 

We ask when you need it doing by; we can’t guarantee it if its really soon, but will do our very best. 

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Get a PAT Testing quote

All quotes include:

  • Free minor repairs

    Quick repairs to the plug, fuse and lead completed automatically for no extra charges

  • Replacement plugs and fuses supplied free

    Standard 230v plugs and fuses up to 13amps supplied and fitted free

  • Guidance for maintaining safe appliances

    We work with our clients to maintain safe appliances long term, providing advice and support

  • Unique ID number for each appliance tested

    Every new appliance gets a unique ID number on pre-printed blue pass labels

  • Itemised report and PAT Testing Certificate

    Our report lists all appliances tested, their results and location at your site

  • Timely reminders when re-tests are due

    Notification 1-2 months prior to retest dates so you don’t need to remember

  • Fixed appliances can be tested too

    All electrical appliance types need periodic testing, including those that are wired into the mains via a spur

We are founder members of the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association 

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Use the form above to get a PAT testing quote for us to come to you to test your portable equipment. 

When we quote we assume unless you tell us otherwise, that all equipment will be standard 230v appliances with fuses in plugs up to 13amps. If you need industrial equipment testing tell us upfront; if you don’t and we can test them then you will get charged the price we quote in the terms and conditions. However, as we don’t always carry every adaptor possible, we may not be able to test then, and you’ll have to pay for a return visit. 

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