Get a PAT Testing Quote for Portable Appliance Testing (and Contact details)

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We would love to speak to you about your Portable Appliance Testing needs, if we can supply you with an acceptable PAT testing quote we will. If you can complete the following form in full that gives us a good start so we can contact you with a price. Although we do have standard prices on this site we do also recommend you contact us for a personal price, as we can often offer a cheaper pat testing price when we know all the facts. 

Also, if you like the idea of working with us, but our quote turns out higher than another, don’t just forget about ours, get in touch and we’ll see if we can match or beat it. 

Contact us by:

Telephone: 0191 6661009

Mobile: 07897 240878 (also can be used for text, what’s app etc)


Registered Address:

Company no. 8161010

27 Coquet Gardens, Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE28 6AG

Please note: we come to you to test equipment

If you would rather just make an appointment you can contact us to make an appointment at our standard rates. 

The more information you can provide us with initially the better chance we have of providing you with a pat testing quote that you will be happy with. It is in all our interests to find an acceptable price. If you need to speak to us about something else please contact us using the email or telephone number above. 

Using the chat function

Whilst we make every effort to respond to every chat request, we can’t guarantee it, as we’re not always online. If we’re out on a job for example it may not be easy to answer, or we could even be asleep!