Fixed Wire Testing (EICR) in Newcastle and the North East of England

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Fixed Wire Testing – How to do it right

If you need an electrical safety certificate for your business we can help; our electricians cover Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, in fact all of the North East.

If you need your report quick we can even arrange for you to get the certificate for your fixed wiring test the very same day.

What does it cost to carry out a fixed wire test?

We charge a fixed price of £250.00 to inspect and test up to 20 circuits in small business premises, and rental properties

Additional circuits are just £15.00 each.

All prices are + vat

For industrial and three-phase installations contact us for a personal price.

What are circuits? Circuits are another name for the fuses or breakers in your fuse box (where you go to flick a switch when your lights trip).

Do you need a Fixed Wiring Test?

Our NICEIC registered electrician can come to your workplace to inspect and test your fixed wiring to make sure it meets the current UK guidelines, and provide you with an up to date Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).

What does a Fixed Wiring Test Cost?

The Fixed wiring test cost varies depending on the job that is required. In order to provide you with a price we need to see what the job looks like first, so we need to see the fuse board initially then possibly the site depending on your type of business.

To speed up the process, please take photos of your fuse boards and send them to us along with any previous documentation, from that we can provide you with a fixed wiring test cost.

Our electrician can do fixed wiring tests anywhere in the United Kingdom, so wherever you are get in touch with us by emailing the above documents to

We will study them and get back to you with a no obligation fixed wiring test cost.

Fixed wiring test using a Megger Multi Function Tester

Why you should avoid cheap fixed wiring tests

Having a cheaper fixed wiring test carried out may seem beneficial to save money but you should always be cautious of any electrician who charges less than £200 to do an inspection.

The electrician carrying out the inspection may only be doing a visual check; they may not carry out a full electrical safety check which is a risk for you when you think you’re getting a full test.

A fully completed fixed wire test produces an Electrical Installation Certificate Report which is at least 7 pages long; if your report has less pages its likely you don’t have a full report. An incomplete report may void your insurance.

Our electrical engineer, Pete Oldroyd, will carry out electrical safety checks in commercial and residential premises for businesses (please note we don’t do domestic work).

The report will give you the information you need to know if your fixed wiring is safe, or if any updates are required.

Electrical Testing and Safety Certificates for your Business

Whilst our primary business is that of a PAT testing company it is important that our clients can benefit from having just one electrical contractor on their books, so we have the capability to also provide other electrical testing services including fixed wiring inspections (EICR) as well as other electrical testing services. If you have any electrical testing needs please get in touch to see how we can help you.

Fixed Wiring Inspections for commercial properties in the North East

  • NICEIC certification ensures compliance with HSE, insurance and Local Authority requirements 
  • All circuits will be tested with detailed inspection of accessories etc. 
  • Updated distribution board schedules will be produced, making future inspections safer and easier.
  • All documentation including risk assessments/method statements available
  • No additional charges for any ‘out of hours’ work needed
  • Ability to omit essential items that can’t be turned off
  • The NICEIC Electrical Installation Condition Report covers the installation for up to 5 years
  • Extra discounts if you use our PAT Testing service too 

We provide Fixed Wire Testing in Newcastle Upon Tyne and across the North East

Electrical Testing of the mains wiring and electrical appliances

We provide fixed wiring inspections for commercial premises, schools and landlords property. If you require any of that please complete our contact form to request a quotation.

Get a full Electrical Installation Certificate Report with minimal disruption to your business

If you need an electrical safety certificate for your premises we have fully qualified, NICEIC registered electricians who cover Newcastle Upon Tyne, the North East and the rest of the UK who can help. 

Our electricians will inspect and test your ‘fuse boards’ and provide you with the electrical safety certificate you need to comply with the regulations. 

An up to date inspection will help you to correct any issues that have arisen since the system was installed, bringing safety measures up to date. 

We carry out safety inspections in commercial workplaces, schools and rental properties. 

Our electrical inspector does a very detailed electrical safety check to find all faults, and offers options for rectifying them, giving you peace of mind that your wiring is safe. 

A thorough inspection will take at least 2 hours so be wary of anyone completing it in less than an hour – some of these cheaper offers do just that! 

Our inspection covers all aspects of the wiring installation including:

  1. Condition of the wiring installed
  2. Condition of the installation of each circuit
  3. Check circuits are wired correctly 
  4. Check earthing, bonding and termination of gas and water supplies
  5. Check for signs of overheating
  6. Check for overloading and incorrect use of accessories
  7. Check the protection is correct
  8. Check the use of RCDs
  9. etc. etc. to make sure you’re complying with the Electrical Wiring Regulations. 

To comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 all employers and landlords are required to maintain electrical systems to prevent danger where it may exist, as their duty of care. Electrical testing can cover a multitude of options including testing the mains wiring, and the appliances. 

The only way to ensuring your duties are performed and adequate records are kept is by carrying out a Periodic Electrical Test and Inspection in accordance with BS7671 (The IEE Wiring Regulations)

If you follow this practice you can be sure your obligations have been met under the Health and Safety at Work Act so far as electrical safety is concerned, and more importantly that your staff, other users, buildings and possessions are safe.

Having regular tests professionally undertaken means that your insurance company should pay out in the event of a claim arising from an electrical fault or fire.

In addition to getting the fixed wiring tested you should also get portable appliances PAT tested too, as an additional safety measure. 

Our NICEIC approved electrical inspectors are experienced professionals in providing safe and efficient fixed wire testing that meets all statutory requirements. The electricians we use operate for us on a sub-contract basis, and own their own electrical testing companies. 

As electrical safety providers, we offer our services throughout the north east, meaning one account and one point of contact regardless of the number of sites or jobs conducted.

We can carry out a free initial survey of your electrical installation to enable us to compile a bespoke, cost-effective testing package and quotation to ensure full compliance with The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and all current health and safety requirements.

Alternatively we can provide you with a price based on the information you provide us with in the contact form below. 

Following the inspection, an NICEIC computer-generated Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is produced, detailing (if found) any items of non-compliance requiring attention.

We can (if requested) produce a quotation for defect rectification, or a third party or in-house maintenance operative can attend to this work.

All fixed wiring installation testing is carried out by an NICEIC registered contractor. 

What will the Electrical Installation Condition Report show?

The electrical installation should be safe for continued use. 

Inspectors will use the following classification codes to indicate where a property owner must undertake remedial work.

Code 1 (C1): Danger present. Risk of injury. The electrical inspector may make any C1 hazards safe before leaving the property.
Code 2 (C2): Potentially dangerous.
Further Investigation (FI): Further investigation required without delay.
Code 3 (C3): Improvement recommended. Further remedial work is not required for the report to be deemed satisfactory.

If codes C1 or C2 are identified in on the report, then remedial work will be required. The report will state the installation is unsatisfactory for continued use.

If an inspector identifies that further investigative work is required (FI), the owner must also ensure this is carried out.

The C3 classification code does not indicate remedial work is required, but only that improvement is recommended. 

Contact us about your fixed wire testing

In order to provide you with a quote for fixed wiring inspection we need to know the size of your property and how many circuits are involved; to do that we either need to see the site ourselves or you need to provide us with the information so, we will need from you:

  • The number of circuits and ideally a photograph of each fuse board in the property
  • A photograph of the main electricity supply into the property (the meter)
  • The full address of the property

If you can’t provide the above we will need to arrange to visit the property. 

Please email the information and photographs to