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If you follow the news you will be aware of the importance of making sure your electrical appliances are registered, so if there are ever any safety notices placed on them, you can be informed.

When the risk is the appliance may catch fire, you should want to be informed.

The good news is, registering for updates doesn’t take long and it doesn’t mean you will be inundadeted with junk mail.

There is an excellent website called “Register my appliance” that you can use to register your appliances.

In the mean time it is worth using this handy tool below to check if any of your appliances have been served with recall notices. We find the appliances most at risk are ‘white goods’; washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers etc.

When we go into a landlords property for the first time we check these larger appliances against the latest notices then we advise the landlord to make sure they’re registered for future updates.

You can register your appliances here: 

The big news at the moment is the UK government forcing Whirlpool to recall all its tumble driers due to a fire risk.  

Here is that tool where you can check your appliances against the latest recall notices, just in case. 


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