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I manage a call centre in Newcastle upon Tyne; we have about 200 desks. Before I met Richard we had an electrician do the testing; it took them weeks, we were severely disrupted, our business was affected and it cost a fortune! Now we use DRA PAT testing every year; it takes them a weekend when we’re closed – there is no disruption, they tidy our messy wires and show us where to save money. They have improved our efficiency, and whilst we don’t need annual PAT testing we get it done because it benefits us to do so. We will never go elsewhere and always recommend DRA PAT Testing.

What is PAT testing and why do we do it?

Checking electrical equipment at work is nothing new; it has been around for many years, but has been most recognised since the introduction of the Electricity at Work Regulations in 1989.

It is necessary to maintain safe electrical equipment because faulty equipment can lead to the risk of an electric shock, overheating and fire – electrical equipment is identified as one of the main causes of fire in the UK every year.

Regular inspection and testing of equipment is an essential part of any preventative maintenance programme and helps to ensure that equipment is safe.

What equipment is tested as part of the PAT test?

Any electrical appliance supplied with a plug or adaptor to be inserted into a socket to power on, including

  • “Portable” electrical equipment such as lamps, kettles and fans
  • Stationery equipment such as fridge-freezers, bench grinders and IT server racks
  • Hand-held equipment such as hair dryers, vacuum cleaners and power tools
  • IT equipment such as computers, printers and photocopiers
  • Built-in (integrated) appliances such as washing machines
  • Extension and other power leads

The process we call PAT testing is carried out to:

  • Check the appliance is visually sound, that there are no cuts to the cable, that the plug is in good condition, and the fuse is correct, etc.
  • Check that the earthing protection is functioning correctly
  • Check that the insulation protection is functioning correctly

This is a broad overview but you get the idea; if all these things are working correctly then the user is safe.

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What does the law say about electrical equipment at work?

The law requires electrical equipment to be maintained to prevent danger arising. As part of a maintenance regime, inspections are necessary and testing may be required. The law does not specify what needs to be done, by who, and how often. There are many legal regulations that relate to electrical equipment.

The Provision and Use of Work  Equipment Regulations 1989 (PUWER) requires every employer to ensure that electrical equipment is maintained in good condition and inspected as necessary to prevent danger.

Electrical equipment inspections and testing (aka PAT testing) should be carried out on a regular basis, determined by a risk assessment. How often PAT testing should be done can’t be answered in one sentence, as many possible factors must be taken into consideration. Our PAT testing frequency page gives some guidance on this. The best action if you are unsure is to talk to us when we do the inspection.

PAT testing is carried out by a competent person; that is someone who has adequate knowledge of electrical safety, experience of electrical work, an understanding of the system they are working on, an understanding of the hazards and the ability  to recognise whether it is safe to continue.

✅ Same day PAT Test Certificates
✅ Free remedial repairs and replacement parts
✅ Appointments available 24 / 7 at no extra cost
✅ All of the North East covered
✅ Ensures compliance with Health & Safety
✅ Ensures your insurance policy is valid
✅ Prompt reminders for retests
✅ Testing from just £1 per item

How does it work?

Our engineer will come to your premises, and after they’ve been introduced and had a walk around your site they’ll set about working in the order they and you combined feel is best to minimise disruption to your business.

We will first carry out thorough inspections to each appliance, visually, and then carry out the appropriate electrical tests using a Portable Appliance Testing machine.

If the appliance is considered defective in any way, if it can be repaired we will do so, and then when it passes it’ll have a pass label applied; the label shows the ID number, and the month and year the test took place. We will of course remove the old label first. We also aim to apply your label neatly in a discreet yet visible location.

If the appliance will not pass the test it will be labelled with a red “Fail do not use” label, and the contact on site will be notified.

When the job is complete, the engineer will return to the office where they will download the data and create your PAT testing Certificate Report, which he will email to you usually the very same day.

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What our customers say


Excellent, friendly and efficient service. We have a lot of staff that work flexibly and Richard was happy to pop back at a later date to test their equipment which we hadn’t initially mentioned. Would recommend DRA to any organisation that needs appliance testing carried out. 

Jackson Hogg Recruitment, Newcastle


These guys were recommended to us and they came in recently to do the PAT Testing. The service was first class and report very professionally presented in an easy to understand format. It is rare I give 5 stars in a review however in this case it is thoroughly deserved and would recommend DRA PAT Testing Limited to any organisation 

Dacon Fabrication


Thank you so much DRA PAT Testing. The process to book testing was very easy, and Richard could fit in the exact time frame we had. The tester had spare parts and was very professional and efficient. Great value, and respectful of covid guidelines. I would highly recommend and we will be using DRA Testing in a years time.

Nesma Marketing

electrical plugs and fuses

Free Repairs & Parts

Plugs get damaged or the wrong fuse gets fitted; if we find a fault or repair that's needed we do it automatically, nearly always without charge
2 people shaking hands because they got their pat test certificate quickly

Prompt PAT Test Certificates

We issue PAT testing Certificates within 5 days of the job completing; same day certificates can be arranged if you're really in a hurry
tidy electrical cables on desks

Free Cable Tidying

Plugs and wires get messy in and around desks; some companies charge extra to sort them out - we do it automatically as we go to improve safety and efficiency


Great service, used this company for a few years running and we are never disappointed. Very friendly and professional, we happily recommend to others and will continue to use then in the future

Advertising Company, Co. Durham


We’ve used Richard for the last 4 years, always sends reminders and is very competitive price wise. Nothing is a hassle and I’d recommend him for any work in his field.

Energy Company, Washington


Definately recommend , they were on time, and very professional. Worked through our office very quickly. The final invoice was a pleasant surprise too so great value for money.

Airline Company, Bournemouth

You may find this HSE document useful – Maintaining portable electrical equipment

This guidance document is for managers, electricians, technicians and users and gives sensible advice on maintaining portable electrical equipment to prevent danger. It covers equipment that is connected to the fixed mains supply or a locally generated supply.

It outlines a recommended maintenance plan based on a straightforward, inexpensive system of user checks, formal visual inspection and testing.


Always had excellent PAT testing service from Richard, he’s looked after our rental properties for years now, and always turns up on time and does a great job. Highly recommend him!

Landlord of multiple properties, Newcastle


We manage over 100 rental properties in Newcastle upon Tyne; DRA PAT testing have managed the appliances in them for years now and always do a great job. We trust them with keys and feedback from tenants is always really good. 

Lettings Agency, Newcastle 

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