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About our PAT Testing Service

If you don’t take care of your portable electrical appliances you may find that they start to deteriorate, and that is when you start to have problems. A deteriorated appliance can overheat which leads to fires or become so damaged that the user may get an electric shock. 

The only way to keep electrical appliances safe is to check them to make sure they’re up to scratch; and if not, by repairing them.

Therefore you need a preventative maintenance scheme in place that includes regular inspections of your electrical equipment.

The aim is to test and repair appliances before they can develop a fault that can lead to danger.

The process is referred to as PAT testing, and includes inspections, tests and repairs to the parts of the appliance that may present a danger.  PAT Testing is a preventative maintenance measure; it maintains safe equipment preventing accidents (or at least reducing the chances of them occurring as we can’t predict what will happen later – a user may damage an appliance then continue to use it and get an electric shock. This is why it is essential that you put measures in place, in-house, to check appliances before use. More information on this process, called User Checks can be found on our Portable Appliance Testing Guidance page. 

Equipment, once checked should be inspected and tested at regular intervals to ensure appliances maintain safety standards. Appliances should be checked frequently enough to ensure they are inspected and repaired before a fault develops. 

PAT testing reduces risk

One of the biggest electrical problems in the workplace is the use of portable appliances, such as computers, kettles, toasters, etc. but it is also a problem that is not going to go away. Modern technology is improving all the time so you’d think appliances are getting safer but with the huge surge of cheap (and fake) goods coming onto the market the risks are actually higher – appliances are no longer built to last. 

One of the main problems with portable appliances is they each have a flexible insulated cable to connect it to the mains via a plug and socket, that means it can be moved easily. Therefore, it can also be damaged and tampered with easily. Additionally many cables are not permanently connected to an appliance, so can be used elsewhere or come under excessive strain – all increasing the risk of damage.

Because of these risks, portable appliances are responsible for a high proportion of electrical accidents in the workplace.   

All our work includes

  • Free minor repairs

    Quick repairs to the plug, fuse and lead completed automatically for no extra charges

  • Replacement plugs and fuses supplied free

    Standard 230v plugs and fuses up to 13amps supplied and fitted free

  • Guidance for maintaining safe appliances

    We work with our clients to maintain safe appliances long term, providing advice and support

  • Unique ID number for each appliance tested

    Every new appliance gets a unique ID number on pre-printed blue pass labels

  • Itemised report and PAT Testing Certificate

    Our report lists all appliances tested, their results and location at your site

  • Timely reminders when re-tests are due

    Notification 1-2 months prior to retest dates so you don’t need to remember

  • Fixed appliances can be tested too

    All electrical appliance types need periodic testing, including those that are wired into the mains via a spur

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